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ELO TouchSystems And IGC International Combine to Produce Networks of Up to 33 Touchmonitors Operating From a Single PC
(Business Wire; 07/13/98)

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 1998--

      New "Thin Client" System Coupled With ELO Touchmonitors
      Dramatically Reduces Cost in Chain Stores and Restaurants

      A combination of touchscreen technology from Elo TouchSystems, Inc., and a 
 low-cost, multi-user operating system from IGC International has led to the 
 development of a new class of touchscreen-based, point-of-sale (POS) networks 
 for chain stores and restaurants. IGC's MultiNode operating system for Windows 
 NT makes it possible to run up to 33 Elo touchmonitors from a single PC in a 
 "thin client" retail network. The new user-friendly touch network represents a 
 saving of approximately one-third the cost of using traditional client/server 
 networking solutions.

      "Elo has long been the leader in providing touch solutions to restaurants 
 and retail businesses," said Mike Lewis, product marketing manager for Elo 
 TouchSystems, Inc. "Touch is simple, easy to learn and ideal for chain store 
 and restaurant operations where you need to perform fast, accurate transactions 
 with minimal employee training. The marriage of Elo's touchmonitors and IGC's 
 multi-user networking systems provides retailers with a user-friendly, 
 affordable alternative to networks that rely on keyboards, mice, or a dedicated 
 PC for each touchmonitor."

 Centralized Software Lowers Costs

      The advantage of a "thin client" network is that developers of retail POS 
 applications can configure multiple touchmonitors from a single 486 or Pentium 
 class PC, each one running a separate application on Windows NT. Unlike 
 conventional client/server networks which utilize dedicated PCs and software 
 for each workstation, "thin client" networks place all the software on the 
 central server which users may access via a local graphics terminal with a 
 touch, mouse or keyboard interface. Centralizing software to a single server in 
 this way not only lowers the initial investment, but also drives down both 
 operation and maintenance costs. Upgrading hardware and software is fast, easy 
 and economical, and security is enhanced because all key information resides in 
 one location. In addition, the physical footprint of the client terminal is 
 smaller than traditional client/server workstations and frees up more valuable 
 retail space on a bartop or countertop.

      "Touch is definitely the simplest user interface," said Tim Millar, 
 president of IGC International. "This combination of high technology and low 
 cost now makes touch the best alternative for retail networks. For example, a 
 fast-food restaurant can now install a single computer to run all of its order 
 taking terminals equipped with Elo touchmonitors at a fraction of the 
 traditional cost. Previously, a 5-user touch-based client/server network 
 configured with a dedicated PC for each touchmonitor could cost as much as 
 $9,500. Now, using the same touchmonitors on IGC's MultiNode network, the cost 
 can be reduced to as little as $6,400, a saving of $3,100. Additional cost 
 savings can be realized due to the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of a 
 thin client solution."

 Typical Touch-Based Network

      To configure touch-based multi-user networks, IGC has licensed and 
 incorporated Elo's MonitorMouse for Windows NT touchscreen driver software into 
 the IGC MultiNode operating system. On a typical network, each Elo IntelliTouch 
 or AccuTouch touchmonitor is connected to an SVGA graphics terminal, typically 
 a Maxspeed MaxStation. Each terminal can run additional peripherals like card 
 readers and printers. Individual terminals are then networked via IGC's 
 operating system to a single host PC server capable of running a Windows NT-
 based POS system.

      Multi-location retail outlets such as fast food, video rental, auto 
 rental, auto parts and drug stores will benefit most from installing a network 
 based on IGC's operating systems and Elo touchmonitors.

 Pricing and Availability

      Touchmonitors from Elo are available for immediate delivery. Full 
 compatibility with IGC networks is ensured with built-in support for both Elo's 
 resistive and surface wave touch technologies. For information on Elo's 
 touchmonitors and other products and services, contact Elo TouchSystems at 
 800/ELO-TOUCH (800/356-8682) or visit Elo's Web site at Direct electronic mail inquiries to 
 [email protected]

      Touch-based multi-user networks from IGC are available in base packages of 
 5- and 9-users with 4-user add-on packages available up to a maximum of 33 
 users. Software license fees start at $895 for a 5-user network. Delivery will 
 be one week from the date of order.

      For more information on IGC's products and services, contact IGC 
 International at 800/866-5597 or visit IGC's Web site at 
 Direct electronic mail inquiries to [email protected]

      MonitorMouse, IntelliTouch and AccuTouch are registered trademarks of Elo 
 TouchSystems, Inc. MultiNode and IGC are registered trademarks of IGC. Maxspeed 
 and MaxStations are registered trademarks of Maxspeed Corp. Windows NT is a 
 registered trademark of Microsoft. Other products and companies referred to 
 herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or 
 mark holders.

 Elo TouchSystems          

      Elo TouchSystems, Inc., the leader in touchscreen technology, develops, 
 manufactures and markets touchmonitors and touchscreen products to simplify 
 computers for users worldwide. Founded in 1971, the company operates R&D and 
 manufacturing centers in Fremont, Calif., and Ottobrunn, Germany. Elo 
 TouchSystems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation. More 
 information about Elo is available on the Internet at

 IGC International

      Founded in 1985, IGC International is the industries leading provider of 
 multi-user technology. IGC's expertise in multi-user platforms for the POS and 
 replicated sites markets has led to an installed base of over 550,000 users 
 which include 1,600 Firestone Automotive Stores, 1,000 Denny's restaurants and 
 thousands of other mission-critical installations throughout the world. More 
 information on IGC International is available on the Internet at

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