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Research International USA & The Rouse Company Partnership Revolutionizes Market Research Collection
(Business Wire; 07/13/98)

Target Specific Information Helps Malls Provide Customers With
                      Enhanced Shopping Experience

      Research International (RI) USA, a division of the world's largest custom 
 market research agency, and The Rouse Company, a leading 
 developer/owner/manager of many of the largest and best-known regional shopping 
 centers in the U.S., have formed a partnership that will provide both companies 
 with Internet-based access to retail/home shoppers -- revolutionizing the way 
 market research data is collected.

      "This partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to effectively and 
 efficiently reach a target specific, consumer-based audience," said Doss 
 Struse, Chairman and CEO, Research International USA. "Access to this audience 
 will better enable us to understand the developing retail behaviors of mall 
 consumers, benefiting consumers, retailers and corporations."

      Through The Rouse Company's Premier Shopper Club - an interactive shopping 
 experience, conducted at mall pavilions and on the Internet, which provides 
 shoppers with exclusive offers, discounts and special services - RI USA will be 
 able to access a growing pool of nearly 500,000 shopper club members across the 
 country who visit Rouse shopping centers each week to participate in panel 
 research. Access to such consumers provides RI USA with the unique opportunity 
 of reaching specifically targeted market groups -- virtually eliminating the 
 high costs typically associated with panel recruitment and operation.

      Shoppers join the Premier Shopper Club by registering in person at Rouse 
 Company shopping centers, over the Internet or via electronic kiosks located in 
 mall common areas and are offered free Internet access upon membership. 
 Consumers accepting the free Internet offer will be routed through The Rouse 
 Company shopping center's home page. When accessed, this will provide more 
 opportunities to reach specifically targeted consumers.

      The Internet platform is provided through a Rouse Company arrangement with 
 AIM Smart Corporation, the leading communications/media company partnering with 
 major mall owners to reach 50% of the U.S. population. This is achieved by 
 offering free communications and Internet services paid for by micro-targeted 

      The Rouse Company will gain valuable insight into its customers, such as 
 what they want most from the shopping center, from target-specific questions RI 
 USA will develop for inclusion in Rouse's Internet-based Premier Shopper Club 
 surveys. The information obtained will help Rouse and its retailers develop 
 long-term relationships with consumers through reward and incentive programs 
 designed to increase mall traffic sales.

      "Through our partnership with RI USA, we will be able to take our 
 communication with our shoppers to the next level and gather their opinions 
 about what amenities are important to them and what they expect from their trip 
 to our malls," said Warren Wilson, Vice President and Director of Site 
 Strategy, The Rouse Company. "Based on the results of the target specific 
 questions that RI USA will continuously develop and refine, we will be able to 
 make enhancements that will add value to their shopping experience and 
 encourage repeated visits."

      As a result of this partnership, RI USA will be able to design, implement 
 and commercialize the following interrelated products for ad hoc research:

      -- an Internet-based panel of 100,000 consumer households;
      -- a mixed method (pavilion, telephone and mail) panel of 50,000
         consumer households to supplement the Internet-based panel;
      -- a panel of 50,000 consumer households which can be called to
         participate in face-to-face research in the malls;
      -- specialty panels for business-to-business research.


      The Rouse Company - a public company for 40 years (NYSE:RSE) - was founded 
 more than 59 years ago and operates more than 250 properties encompassing 
 office, retail, research and development, industrial and hotel space. The 
 Company manages properties in 25 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. 
 The company is also the developer of the cities of Columbia, MD and Summerlin, 


      AIM Smart (OTC:AIMS) is the leading provider of free, nationwide 
 communications services. The free services include Internet access, long 
 distance telephone, and long distance video phone, utilizing an enhanced WebTV 
 device. Users join the communications network through membership in their 
 regional mall frequent shopper program. Advertisers place micro-targeted ads 
 and coupons on the AIM Smart communications network. The network includes in-
 mall, interactive Pavilions integrated with the mall's information center.


      Established in 1973, Research International is a full-service research 
 company with more than 1,500 multinational clients from a variety of product 
 and service categories. With more than 3,000 permanent employees, RI draws on 
 its global network of 86 full-service offices in 56 countries to provide 
 strategic international solutions to clients.

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