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AIM Smart Offers Free Internet Service and is Added to Internet Stock Review Watch List
(Business Wire; 07/13/98)

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 1998--The Internet Stock Review 
 Monday announced that it has added AIM Smart Corporation (OTC: AIMS) to its 
 Watch List. Since the Watch List was released in January of 1998, the top five 
 performing companies have increased an average of 325%.

      "We have added AIM Smart to our Watch List as the company now enters the 
 roll-out phase of its nationwide network of free Internet access providers," 
 stated the editor. "If AIM Smart is able to successfully carry out its business 
 plan, there is little question that their offering will send tremors throughout 
 the board rooms of every major Internet Service Provider in the country. What 
 they are planning on doing could literally cause every ISP and every Portal, 
 which aims to be the starting point for Internet users, to re-examine their own 
 business model." This would include, among others, Concentric (Nasdaq: CNCX), 
 Earthlink (Nasdaq: ELNK), Mindspring (Nasdaq: MSPG), Rocky Mountain Internet 
 (Nasdaq: RMII) and Verio (VRIO).

      "A successful roll-out has the potential to question the very foundation 
 that every retail ISP is built upon, which is; ease of access at $19.95 per 
 month," he added. "The indisputable fact is that every user of the Internet 
 within AIM Smart's target markets will eventually have to ask themselves two 
 questions. Do they want to continue paying $19.95 per month or would they 
 prefer free Internet access? Secondly, what concessions will users have to make 
 in return for free Internet access? While we can't answer the first question, 
 we can answer the second. We have signed up for the Smart Shopper Internet 
 service, and as we are currently using the service daily, we find that we have 
 given up nothing."

      The Internet Stock Review has followed AIM Smart's progress from the start-
 up stage to the roll-out stage and would suggest that others (analysts, 
 reporters and investors) to begin following the company's progress. As a 
 reminder, the Internet Stock Review does not recommend the securities of the 
 companies it follows and reports on, nor does it publish buy or sell 

      During 1997, AIM Smart initiated an ambitious four-step game plan to lay 
 the foundation for the launch of a nationwide network of free Internet access 
 providers. The game plan, which had to be successfully completed prior to the 
 nation-wide roll-out of the service entailed: 1. Entering into a joint venture 
 with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) to create a new version of the Internet Explorer, 
 designed to be the first thing an Internet user sees when they sign onto the 
 Internet. 2. Identify a nationwide network of Points of Presence (POP's) for 
 Internet users to dial into, supported by advertising fees rather than 
 subscription fees. 3. Launch a fully operational Internet access service to 
 work out the bugs in anticipation of the nationwide roll-out. 4. Partner or 
 align with a leading advertising agency to fully implement the Smart Shopper 
 niche target marketing program to the potential 25 million subscriber base.

 During 1997 and 1998 AIM Smart Accomplished the Following:
      1. Created the "Smart Shopper Explorer," in a joint venture with 
 Microsoft. The Smart Shopper Explorer is a special version of the Microsoft's 
 Internet Explorer web browser. It is the first thing an Internet user sees when 
 they sign onto the Internet. An article in Bloomberg Technology News stated 
 that, "For Microsoft, this venture is another attempt to get its "IE" browser 
 software into more homes...and grab market share from industry leader Netscape 
 (Nasdaq: NSCP). For AIM Smart, it is the point of opportunity to deliver 
 advertising to a controlled audience. The browser is distributed at Smart 
 Shopper Pavilions (kiosks) located in shopping malls. The Smart Shopper 
 Explorer/Pavilion won two Retail Application Development awards in the spring 
 of 1997 at the National Retail Federation trade show in Chicago--which is given 
 to software developers that have created the "best of breed" system--using 
 Microsoft technology.

      2. Identified a nationwide network of Point-Of-Presence (POP's). AIM Smart 
 realized that shopping malls drove more unique user traffic than most web 
 pages. Shopping mall owners were enthusiastic about creating new opportunities 
 for its store owners. AIM Smart was able to sign exclusive contracts with three 
 of the largest mall owners in the U.S. The malls would act as distributors of 
 the Smart Shopper Explorer and dial-up centers for the free Internet service. 
 This was the beginning of the World's largest network of online retail stores.

      On October 9th (1998) AIM Smart entered into a "test" contract with The 
 Rouse Company (NYSE: RSE), which owns 59 malls throughout the U.S. On February 
 25th, Rouse announced that it would "bypass" the test and commence a full roll-
 out schedule. Then, on December 3rd (1997), AIM Smart entered into a contract 
 with The DeBartolo Group (NYSE: SPG) to distribute the Smart Shopper Explorer 
 and act as a Point-Of-Presence for what amounts to one-half of all Americans. 
 The DeBartolo Group has more than 240 malls and a customer base that makes 1.6 
 billion annual visits and numbers over 100 million. Finally, on May 26th 
 (1998), WellsPark Group contractually signed and announced a complete roll-out 
 for its 31 indoor malls.

      Mall stores pay a monthly fee to AIM Smart to be on the Smart Shopper 
 Network. The contract between each store and AIM Smart is written as part of 
 the store owner's co-op advertising agreement with the mall owner. Each store 
 receives a web page which can be accessed directly from the Smart Shopper 
 Explorer. Each store has the opportunity to show and advertise products to the 
 approximate 50,000 shoppers which live in a 5 mile radius of each mall. There 
 are an average of 100 stores per mall and 30,000 - 50,000 stores are expected 
 to sign up for the service. In addition to the monthly fees, Aim Smart will 
 have the opportunity to generate revenues from local and national advertisers 
 and earn a direct percentage (7-10%) of online sales.

      All told, AIM Smart has signed up and will offer its free version of the 
 Internet Explorer and free Internet access at 325 of the nation's 550 largest 
 malls. This gives AIM Smart a current potential subscriber base of over 16 
 million users. As a reference point, America Online (NYSE: AOL) has in excess 
 of 14 million subscribers.

      3. Launched a fully operational Smart Pavilion and Smart Shopper Explorer 
 at the Laguna Hills Mall to test the service. Currently, twelve malls (ISP's) 
 are fully operational and signing up subscribers. Four malls (Santa Monica 
 Mall, Laguna Hills Mall, The Mall In Columbia, and The Fashion Mall in Las 
 Vegas) can be viewed at the company's web site.

      4. Signed WPP Group to implement niche target marketing to the three 
 million potential subscribers shopping at the nearly 7,000 Rouse Company 
 stores. WPP is the world's leading communications and services company with 
 sales of $12 billion and revenues of $2.9 billion in 1997. Members include J. 
 Walter Thompson, Ogilvy & Mathers Worldwide, Millward Brown International, 
 Research International, Hill & Knowlton, The CommonHealth and Enterprise 
 Identity Group among others. The group of companies provide clients with 
 advertising and media planning, buying and research.

      5. Enters into a technology agreement with Ascend Communications (Nasdaq: 
 ASND) and Klein Technologies. This gives AIM Smart a strong boost in the ISP 
 department as the partnership builds out the proposed 600 mall nationwide 
 network. The system, which is operational in 12 malls presently, utilizes 
 Ascends's new MAX TNT Wan Access switches. Klein has the ability to install and 
 service 300 Points-Of-Presence malls (ISP's) each year and will manage the 
 entire AIM Smart Network from its headquarters in Vienna, VA.

 What To Watch.
      In a interview carried in ZD Net News Gary Eberhardt, Chief Operating 
 Officer of AIM Smart, Mr. Eberhardt told SmartReseller that for every penny it 
 spends providing free Internet Access service, AIM Smart earns back 25 cents in 
 advertising. With that statement and everything else that AIM Smart has 
 accomplished, we intend to closely follow the progress of the company during 
 the coming months from the following standpoints. Roll-out: During the first 
 implementation phase, the company expects to reach 500,000 - 600,000 users, 
 putting it on par with national retail ISP's. Financing: Will the company be 
 successful in financing the infrastructure necessary for a full roll-out. 
 Corporate Infrastructure: Is the company attracting and retaining the 
 additional personnel necessary to handle the rapid anticipated growth. While 
 all these factors are typical of and need to monitored at any rapid growth 
 company, they are especially important to monitor for any company which is 
 doing business in the fast paced internet industry.

 LINKS: Research Report: Web 
 Site: National Network Diagram: http://www.aim- Online Malls: 
 Press Releases: CBS Market Watch article: ZD Net 
 article: Article in 
 IAR: Article in C-

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