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HTN Signs Calgary Stampede for Gate Admissions
(Canadian Corporate; 07/12/98)

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Canadian Corp News, JULY 10, 1998)--HTN is pleased to 
 announce that is has successfully installed and placed into service three  new  
 Multi-media touch-screen Ticket Kiosks at this year's Calgary  Stampede, which 
 runs July 2 to July 12. The HTN kiosks offer the  first ever computerized gate 
 admission ticketing at the Stampede, and speeds customers through a complete 
 debit or credit card transaction in under 25 seconds. Use of the kiosk is free 
 to the ticket buyer. HTN earns a transaction fee on each ticket sold.

 The Calgary Stampede attracts over one million visitors in a ten  day period. 
 HTN's kiosks will not only improve customer service at the gate, but they will 
 also make it possible to dramatically  simplify daily reconciliation of ticket 
 sales, reduce cash  handling, and generate detailed profiles of attendance for  
 management. In addition to the Calgary Stampede, over 1100 events  annually are 
 hosted at Calgary Stampede Park.

 The new kiosks provide a dynamic retail presence for entertainment clients, who 
 can now take advantage of this new medium to promote their events with video 
 and sound in high traffic areas, such as tourist attractions, shopping and 
 business centres. The  interactive touch screen kiosks provide the retail 
 presence and an important distribution element to complete HTN's network. The  
 kiosks are fully integrated with HTN's Internet Web ticketing site operating on 
 Shaw Fiberlink, and HTN's high capacity global  Interactive Voice Response 
 system operating on Sprint. HTN's kiosk will also be deployed at all HTN client 
 sites to provide a visible retail presence. HTN customers that have purchased a 
 ticket by  phone or Internet can use their confirmation number to pickup  
 tickets at any HTN kiosk.

 "The completion of our kiosk technology, which has been certified  by CIBC for 
 online debit and credit card processing, represents a  major milestone for the 
 company", says Rob Brown, President and  CEO. "We are now in a position to 
 offer our new, client managed  ticketing services to the entertainment 

 Jeff Ellestad, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer adds "HTN is  now 
 proceeding to apply its gateway technology to offer new mass  market 
 distribution channels, including smart-phones for in-home  ticket purchasing 
 and printing, a smart-card for ticketless  admissions, and links to major box 
 office management and agency  systems. The gateway links will give HTN 
 immediate access to  millions of tickets around the world, without requiring 
 clients to purchase a new system."

 Check the HTN web site at for pictures and  further 



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