Info kiosk technology developed


A Bangalore-based computer wizard has developed the
technology for implementing the recommendations of Prime Minister Atal  
Bihari Vajpayee's Task Force on Information Technology, 
which aims at converting over 6 lakh telephone booths nationwide into 
info kiosks. 

Mr Mohan Tambe, the managing director of Innomedia 
Technologies and a pioneer in the field of information technology, has 
been assisting the Prime Minister's Task force in developing technology 
for the proposed info kiosks. 

The 39-year-old post graduate from the Indian Institute 
of Technology, Kanpur, has headed the team in the Department of 
Electronics (DoE) which developed the GIBT (Graphics & 
Intelligence-based Script Technology) for handling of the Indian and 
Asian languages in computers. 

He had also developed the LIPs technology for 
simultaneous sub-titling in regional language television programmes 
beamed by Doordarshan. 

Mr Tambe, who later quit government service, has been 
working for the past two years on a new technology, called CHOIS(Cable 
TV-based Home & Office Interactive Services). This technology would be 
deployed later this month in Bangalore for starting two info kiosks, 
planned by the Karnataka
government. In a way, Bangalore -- which is called the Silicon Valley 
of India -- will pioneer the info kiosk technology in the country. 

The CHOIS technology comprises a one-foot-long CHOIS pad,
costing around Rs 5,000, placed atop a TV set which can access 
information stored in a computer in the cable network work station at 
the click of a button. The unique technology does not require a 
telephone line or a computer to access information, all that is needed 
is a TV set with cable connection. 

This technology has the potential to reach three to four
crore homes with cable connections. 

For the time being, the CHOIS pad can provide vital 
information on a variety of subjects like bus, rail and air timings, 
information on public utilities and tourism. But it may take some more 
time for upgrading the technology to access E-mail and Internet. 

The technology has already been employed in 2,000 homes in
Bangalore, said Mr Tambe.

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