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IPivot Selects e/BSD as Embedded OS for QoS Broker; QoS Broker Outperforms Cisco LocalDirector Two to One
(Business Wire; 07/15/98)

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 15, 1998--IPivot Inc., the emerging leader 
 of Policy-Based Server QoS Management Solutions for the Internet, intranets and 
 extranets, has chosen the e/BSD embedded operating system from Berkeley 
 Software Design Inc. for its newly announced QoS Broker product line.

      The announcement was made at the Summer Internet World show in Chicago. 
 IPivot is hosting a live shoot-out at Booth 2333 at the Chicago show this week. 
 The company will be showcasing QoS Broker's ability to handle more than 21 
 million connections per hour, more than twice the throughput capabilities of 
 the Cisco LocalDirector.

      "Berkeley Software Design's e/BSD OS kernel offers a rock solid 
 development platform and the ability to customize for maximum performance," 
 said Brett Helm, president and CEO of IPivot. "To geographically scale today's 
 high-performance Internet sites, we partnered with a proven leader in embedded 
 operating systems."

      "IPivot has created its breakthrough QoS Broker technology by leveraging 
 e/BSD's performance, reliability and development ease," said Randy Brem, vice 
 president of embedded technology sales at BSDI. "The throughput that IPivot 
 achieved is outstanding. It goes to show that BSDI's embedded solutions easily 
 outperform proprietary systems."

      Tom Byrnes, chief technology officer for American Digital Network (ADN), a 
 leading strategic Internet services firm, validated the value of the 
 relationship between BSDI and IPivot: "We tested bridged systems like Cisco's 
 LocalDirector and found that the IPivot QoS Broker system scaled much better. 
 There was nothing else that performed as well."

      QoS Broker delivers bulletproof access and measurable QoS management for 
 the global enterprise. It is an integrated LAN/WAN solution that delivers 
 system fault tolerance and failover both locally and across multiple sites and 
 autonomous systems.

      Unlike load balancers, which merely distribute user requests equally among 
 all servers, QoS Broker intelligently manages requests based on the target 
 response time and priority of each request.

      The e/BSD product line scales from small embedded systems like set-top 
 boxes and small clients up to large specialty servers, making it the ideal 
 choice for developers of all types of network appliances.

      e/BSD is perfect for retail terminals, kiosks, network computers, 
 firewalls, proxy servers, Internet access devices, routers, switches, web 
 accelerators, telephony servers, VPN servers, printers, fax servers, and load-
 balancers for Web sites and other clusterable systems.

 Company Information

      Berkeley Software Design is the commercial supplier of the high-
 performance BSD/OS and networking software originally developed at the 
 University of California, Berkeley. More than 80,000 servers run BSDI products. 
 Customers include Adobe, Ascend Communications, Chase Manhattan, CompuServe, 
 U.S. West, WorldCom, Volvo and thousands of leading Internet service providers 

      BSDI is a privately held company based in Colorado Springs, Colo. For more 
 information, phone 719/593-9445, send email to [email protected] or visit the 
 company's Web site at

      IPivot was founded in 1997 to provide quality of service (QoS) solutions 
 for multiserver IP networks. Funded by leading venture capital firms Enterprise 
 Partners and Doll Capital Management, IPivot has a management team that 
 combines years of experience in the networking and Web marketplace.

      IPivot's headquarters are located in Poway, Calif., a suburb of San Diego. 
 Call 877/347-4868 (toll-free), send e-mail to [email protected], or visit the 
 company's Web site at for more information.

      IPivot and QoS Broker are trademarks of IPivot Inc.
      All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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