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(Canada Newswire; 07/20/98)

TORONTO, July 20 /CNW/ - KING Products Inc. today announced  it has signed 
 an initial contract worth $1.1 million to supply  Canada Payphone Corporation 
 with hundreds of multimedia Internet  terminals. 

    Canada Payphone, together with AT&T Canada Long Distance  Services, will 
 market the public terminals, which are expected to  be installed in hotels and 
 convention centres in Toronto and  Vancouver beginning October 1998. Canada 
 Payphone plans to have  additional Internet terminals at other major urban 
 centres across  Canada in 1999.

    "This is the largest roll out of public access multimedia  terminals by a 
 telecommunications company in North America," said  Peter Richards, President 
 and CEO of KING Products, which is based  in Toronto. "We are proud to have 
 been chosen to supply the  Canadian public with state-of-the-art Internet-
 enabled products." 

    The wall-mounted terminals feature a large flat-panel  touchscreen display, 
 keyboard and card reader, with full-motion  video and sound capabilities. 
 Linked via ISDN lines, the terminals  allow the public to send and retrieve e-
 mail, regardless of which  Internet service provider is normally used. 

    In addition to e-mail, users will be able to access AT&T  Canada's Internet 
 service, shop for information, services and  products, and complete commercial 
 transactions using a credit card  or a pre-paid access card. The terminals will 
 also run  advertisements. 

    "These public Internet terminals, which incorporate a new and  advanced 
 compact design, will be part of our new intelligent  competitive payphone line 
 of products," said Stephen Niven, Vice  President, Corporate Development for 
 Canada Payphone. 

    Canada Payphone, together with AT&T Canada, is the first to  take advantage 
 of the CRTC's June 30 decision, which breaks the  monopoly of provincial phone 
 companies and allows for payphone  competition. 

    "We're proud to be partnering with Canada Payphone Corporation  and KING 
 Products in the roll out of these highly advanced  terminals," remarked Anil 
 Amlani, Senior Vice President of  Strategic Planning at AT&T Canada. "These 
 kinds of public terminals  are truly the wave of the future and we're excited 
 about the added  exposure they're going to bring us in the marketplace." 

    About KING Products 

    KING Products Inc. is a leader in providing multimedia  enhanced, computer 
 telephony terminal systems for public access to  networked, web-based 
 information, electronic commerce and  telecommunications. The products are 
 available as multimedia  enhanced public access computers and as multimedia 
 enhanced  payphones. KING is based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in New  
 York and Kansas City. The company, which has 9,353,283 shares  issued and 
 outstanding, is traded on the Canadian Dealing Network  under the symbol 

    About Canada Payphone Corporation 

    Canada Payphone Corporation is a leader in the  telecommunications industry 
 and the first in the competitive  payphone market. Its state-of-the-art 
 technology provides local  access to high-quality products and services on a 
 national basis.  Canada Payphone Corporation's common shares trade on the 
 Vancouver  Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "CPY". 

    About AT&T Canada 

    AT&T Canada Long Distance Services Company is Canada's national  facilities-
 based carrier, offering business and residential  customers a variety of 
 products for voice, data and message  communications. The company has built on 
 150 years of history to  become an innovative Canadian organization serving 
 Canadians' long  distance telecommunications needs, now with the added benefit 
 of  AT&T global technology, expertise and quality. More information  about AT&T 
 Canada Long Distance Services can be found at on the World 
 Wide Web. 

    (x) An electronic rendering of Canada Payphone's public  Internet terminal 
 is available upon request.

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