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  • Late Papers or presentation proposals should be submitted by July 25th, 1998 to [email protected]
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  • Announcement and Call for Papers


    The Ethiopian Scientific Society is proud to sponsor its third annual conference on telecommunications. The focus of the ESS Telecom '98 will be on "Africa's On-Ramps", technologies and policies for facilitating access to the Internet in Africa.

    Over the last three years, the number of African countries connected to the Internet has risen from less than half a dozen to all but three. However, despite this remarkable rise, much remains to be done. Indeed, a few countries remain without any permanent connection at all, and only a handful have high-speed, permanent, reliable, multiple links to the outside world. For many countries, the connection consists of a single link with only a fraction of the access bandwidth of a small business (or even a home) in the North America, for example. With the exception of Southern Africa, intra-regional connectivity is low, with most traffic typically routed through Europe. Locally, access remains difficult and expensive; even the existing potential base of literate urban users is far from being fully reached. Yet these generalizations mask a very wide range of success across the continent. The conference, focusing mainly but not exclusively on local access, has the following goals:

  • to get an accurate picture of the actual situation, and identify the key roadblocks to broadening and deepening access
  • to examine potential solutions, in terms of technology and policy
  • to provide a forum for interaction and basis for collaboration for equipment vendors, service providers, policy-makers, academics, support agencies, as well as business, institutional and individual users, and other interested parties.

    The conference will be held on: August 7th 1998, in Washington, DC, at the World Bank headquarters and is open to all.


    Professionals both in and outside the continent, from industry, government, international agencies, and academia, are invited to contribute on the following topics:
  • wired local exchange: dial-up and leased lines
  • wireless local loop
  • satellite access
  • "Internet kiosks" and other forms of alternative public access
  • software facilitating the sharing of limited resources
  • ISP operations
  • user education and training
  • user-friendly policies and incentives
  • telephone service
  • Other topics related to enhancing Internet access
  • Papers and presentations should cover
  • proposed solutions (including equipment, software, and services)
  • practical experiences and lessons
  • surveys, statistics
  • analytical studies.
  • Material that has been presented/published elsewhere is acceptable provided no copyrights are violated.


    Papers or presentation proposals should be submitted by July 25th, 1998 to [email protected]

    Submissions must be by electronic mail in one of the followingformats:

  • plain text (ASCII)
  • postscript
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • powerpoint
  • and should contain:
  • Author(s) name and affiliation
  • contact information (email and telephone)

    Papers submissions:
  • an abstract
  • a body not longer than 15 double spaced pages
  • full paper must be included in the submission
  • Presentations proposal submissions:
  • an extended abstract or summary of the presentation should be submitted
  • details on product demonstrations if any
  • In addition a copy of the slides/charts (preferably in electronic form) should be given to ESS at least 1 week before the conference

    Papers as well as slides/charts used in presentations will be published by ESS on the WWW. A print version will be available for conference attendees.


    Companies, agencies or individuals interested in co-sponsoring the event should contact [email protected] or [email protected]


    The Ethiopian scientific society (ESS) was established as a non-profit organization in the State of Maryland in December 1987. The society is a non- political organization and has the following as its primarygoals:
  • Foster better relation and promote interaction among Ethiopian scientists and engineers;
  • Provide a medium for technical information exchange among Ethiopian and other scientists; and
  • Encourage collaboration among technical experts on projects that would contribute to the development of Ethiopia.
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