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EOS Corp. Wins Contract With Micropos Systems to Power Multipurpose Electronic Point-of-Sale Terminals
(Business Wire; 07/24/98)

CAMARILLO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 24, 1998--

      Micropos Pact Underscores EOS' Emerging Dominance as Power Supply
      Vendor of Choice for Burgeoning Point-of-sale, Kiosk and Computer
      Peripheral Products

      Signaling another major design win in the fast-growing point-of-sale (POS) 
 market for its ultra-small and high-performance line of newly released internal 
 power supplies, Eos Corp. has been selected by Micropos Systems, Newbury Park, 
 Calif., to power the Micropos 6000 line of touchscreen computer terminals.

      Micropos Systems supplies a full range of electronic POS terminals for 
 applications in fine dining, quick service, theater and sport venues as well as 
 numerous retail sales industries. Its equipment can be found in such 
 establishments as Arby's, Burger King, Sizzler restaurants, ActIII Theatres, 
 and sports venues such as Chelsea Football Stadium in London.

      Micropos ordered the newly minted EOS Viper-VLT100 internal power supply 
 and will take delivery of several thousand units over the coming months. With 
 this contract, EOS' internal power supplies are now in use with numerous 
 leading POS terminal makers.

      "Electronic POS terminals are replacing at a rapid pace and on a worldwide 
 scale traditional cash registers and other retail sale devices," said Jim 
 Schultz, EOS executive vice president, corporate development. "Our power supply 
 products are well suited for this market and the Micropos contract underscores 
 our emerging growth and potential dominance of this significant market 

      The high efficiency and performance of the EOS VLT100 Viper 100-watt 
 internal power supply along with its small size were deemed critical design 
 features and benefits leading to the Micropos award.

      "The EOS power supply has the most advanced technology we've ever seen in 
 such a small package," said Mike Wright, Micropos vice president of 
 engineering. "It offered a quick and elegant design solution that gives us the 
 performance we need in the packaging we want."

      "Space is at a premium to point-of-sale terminal designers," said Dean 
 Edwards, EOS' director of marketing and program management. "The EOS power 
 supply is so small and powerful that it can be quickly designed in as a 
 solution. That's exactly what Micropos did. We are pleased to add Micropos to 
 our growing base of customers and in meeting their power supply needs now and 
 in the future."

      EOS is known for designing and marketing the world's smallest and most 
 efficient power supply systems. The Viper VLT100, designed in the Micropos POS 
 system, packs in a 3-inch-by-5-inch-by-1-inch footprint 6.7 watts per cubic 
 inch, nearly three times the density of any other power supply on the market.

      The Viper VLT100 is also convection cooled, eliminating the need for a 
 bulky and costly cooling fan. EOS introduced the Viper VLT100 power supply last 
 January and the 60-watt "Jaguar" VLT60 power supply in May. Both are designed 
 for use as internal power systems in a variety of products made by electronic 
 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

      EOS is one of the fastest-growing companies in the global power supply 
 industry. The company was recently cited by big five accounting firm Deloitte & 
 Touche as one of the fastest-growing high-technology firms in Southern 

      EOS makes the world's smallest and most densely packaged and efficient 
 power supply systems. They are designed for application with laptop computer, 
 POS, data networking, industrial control and other electronic equipment makers.

 About Micropos Systems

      Micropos Systems designs, manufacturers and markets a wide range of 
 modular and intelligent POS systems for customers in the food service, retail, 
 entertainment and stadium/arena markets. 

      Micropos has long been known as an innovator, specializing in making use 
 of the newest state-of-the-art technology and bringing it to the POS market. 
 This has allowed the company to meet almost every need in today's demanding POS 

      Micropos' list of end-users also includes Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, American 
 Airlines, Western Sizzlin restaurants and the National Park Service. More 
 information about Micropos can be found on the Web at

 About Eos

      Founded in 1991, EOS is a privately held company with headquarters in 
 Camarillo. Started as the result of an R&D technology initiative, the company 
 has evolved and grown to become a world-class manufacturer and distributor of 
 ultra-miniature, full-featured, high-density power supplies and notebook 
 computer adapters. 

      The company's leading-edge technology results in products with 
 efficiencies above 90 percent, and power densities that are more than twice 
 that of other leading industry suppliers. Eos products are used by world-
 leading firms such as Dell Computer, Digital Equipment Corp., Cabletron 
 Systems, Acer Computers, Javelin Systems and Micron Electronics, among many 

      The company employs more than 200 people and has offices throughout the 
 United States as well as Europe and Asia. More information about Eos can be 
 found on the World Wide Web at

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