KeyBlocking for NT (July 30th 1998)
New "Key Blocking for NT" utility is now available, securing the O/S for NT kiosk operators.

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(167k self-extracting .exe)
This program is NetShift Software's long awaited "Key Blocking for NT" utility. The application will run under Windows NT only, it will not run under Windows 95. Windows 95 users only need to check the Preferences|Options|Key Blocking box in NetShift Setup Manager.

NSUtilKB.exe consists a self extracting executable that creates the following 5 files:-

NSNTBlok.exe.. Front end for managing driver installation, key filtering and auto logon.
FilterOn.exe.. Application to turn filtering on or off.
KBFilter.sys.. The keyboard driver.
NSNTBlok.ini.. Not supplied, created when the program is first run.
ReadMe.txt.. Helpful documentation.

This utility will block the following NT key combinations:


Because of the potential problems of disabling the ctrl-alt-delete combination under NT we have chosen to build this functionality into this separate utility rather than including it in Setup Manager.

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