Home Financial Network Announces One of the First 100% Pure Java Verified Web Banking Solutions to Deliver 'Write Once, Run Anywhere' Benefit
(PR Newswire; 08/03/98)

  HFN's Java Platform Version of Home ATM to Run on PCs, Network Computers,

     Web TV, Hand Helds, PDAs, Web Kiosks, or Any Internet-Enabled Devices

     WESTPORT, Conn., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/   Home Financial Network, Inc. (HFN), 
 the leading developer of mass market Internet banking software, today announced 
 the "100% Pure Java" verification of it's Home ATM(TM) software. Home ATM is 
 the first Web banking application to fully exploit Java(TM) technology's "Write 
 Once, Run Anywhere(TM)" capability.  As such, the availability of Home ATM on 
 the Sun(TM) Connect(TM) architecture offers banks the opportunity to provide 
 personal banking solutions on a wide variety of Internet devices.  HFN 
 illustrated this flexibility at several recent industry conferences, where the 
 company demonstrated Home ATM running on a PC, a Network Computer, Web TV, a 
 personal digital assistant (PDA), a UNIX(R) workstation and other Internet 
 access devices.  Comerica Banks, Detroit MI will be the first bank to implement 
 the Java version of Home ATM, using a Sun server.

     Home ATM's simple navigation and large, on-screen buttons make it easy to 
 use on any Internet device, from a television's low resolution screen to the 
 limited viewing area of a PDA or screen phone.  For consumers, using the same 
 version of Home ATM, regardless of access device, means there's nothing new to 
 learn and no confusion from multiple interfaces.  For the banks, this common 
 interface dramatically reduces technical support requirements, in that they 
 need not support multiple interfaces   as is the case when HTML pages or PFM's 
 are used with screen phones or Internet-enabled TVs.

     The addition of the Home ATM interface to the SunConnect(SM) program line- 
 up represents the latest move by Sun to integrate a full range of delivery 
 channels for secure financial transactions via the web.  HFN is the first 
 SunConnect ally to offer an Internet banking solution designed expressly for 
 the requirements of the great majority of on-line banking customers, those who 
 prefer a simplified, quick-to-learn solution for their financial interactions. 
 Home ATM is also the first stand-alone user interface in the SunConnect 
 program.  This provides financial institutions with an opportunity to select 
 the middleware that best meets their needs from an expanded menu of choices.

     Banks can see the Java platform version of Home ATM at Sun Labs in San 
 Francisco, at HFN's technology center in Orem, UT or by calling HFN.

     "The SunConnect program is about enabling financial institutions to exploit 
 the Web to reach the broadest possible range of customers," said Rob Hall, vice 
 president, worldwide financial services marketing, at Sun.  "The Sun Connect 
 architecture provides a secure, platform-independent environment for Internet-
 based financial transactions.  Home Financial Network's technological prowess 
 and commitment to bringing Internet banking to the mass market makes them an 
 important ally in the Sun Connect initiative."

     "Banks that are serious about developing the Internet channel to reach as 
 many customers as possible will appreciate the connectivity options provided by 
 the Sun Connect program in conjunction with Home ATM," said Daniel M. Schley, 
 chairman and CEO of Home Financial Network.  "The Java technology- based, 
 server-centric architecture of Home ATM enables banks to reduce both software 
 distribution and telecom costs.  With the security, back-end connectivity and 
 delivery device options provided by the Sun Connect architecture, you've got a 
 solution that meets the needs of both banks and their customers."

     "For Comerica, the Java version of Home ATM completes our strategy of 
 allowing our customers to choose the channel they prefer for remote banking by 
 providing a Web alternative to the dial-up version of Comerica Home ATM," said 
 Richard G. Lyons, Jr., senior vice president Electronic Banking and Marketplace 
 Technology for Comerica.  "We selected a Sun server because it provides us with 
 the robust, highly reliable platform we demand to serve our Internet banking 

     Home ATM was verified "100% Pure Java" by Sun Microsystems through an 
 independent testing and confirmation process performed by Key Labs.  The 100% 
 Pure Java verification process indicates to both banks and banks' customers 
 that Home ATM meets Sun's strict standards for Java applications.

     "Our goal to drive the adoption of 100% Pure Java solutions into the 
 enterprise will require solutions like Home Financial Network's Home ATM," said 
 George Paolini, director of corporate marketing at Sun Microsystems' Java 
 Software.  "100% Pure Java verification indicates to customers that Home ATM is 
 a truly platform-independent application."

     Home ATM
     Home Financial Network's home banking software looks and functions like the 
 ATMs consumers already know how to use.  The software is designed specifically 
 to enable banks to serve the preferences of the middle/mass market customer   
 the largest and fastest growing segment of PC-banking customers.  Characterized 
 as "transactors," this segment overwhelmingly prefers simple, task-oriented PC 
 banking that allows them to "get the job done."  HFN's Home ATM suite of 
 Internet and dial-up banking software is engineered from the ground up to offer 
 these consumers the simplicity they want.  HFN's product design includes full 
 customization to promote the bank's unique, proprietary brand names and brand 

     The Sun Connect Architecture
     Sun Connect is a framework based on the Java platform providing a complete 
 and secure foundation for building and deploying Web-based financial services. 
 The Sun Connect architecture allows financial services organizations to exploit 
 the Web as a powerful new delivery channel, reaching a new range of customers.  
 The Sun Connect architecture supports all industry-leading specifications for 
 online transactions, including Open Financial Exchange (OFX) and other 
 messaging specifications.

     About Home Financial Network, Inc. (
     Home Financial Network of Westport, CT, is the premier developer of 
 Internet banking software tailored to middle/mass market customers.  HFN 
 provides fully customized, bank-branded solutions to financial institutions, 
 home banking outsourced service providers, and bill-payment processors.  HFN 
 has formal alliances with CheckFree, Integrion, Security First and First Data 
 Corporation, as well as leading home-banking platform vendors.  HFN offers 
 technology leadership to banks through state-of-the-art transactional and 
 marketing functions, sophisticated user interface features, economy and speed 
 of implementation, and low technology support costs.  HFN products are Y2K- 
 compliant and conform to all major home banking protocols, including ADMS, OFX 
 and Gold.

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