BSQUARE Introduces World's First User Interface Builder For Use with Windows CE In an Embedded System
(Business Wire; 08/03/98)

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 3, 1998--

      BSQUARE(R) CE EmbeddedDesktop provides timesaving desktop design
      tools for the Windows CE 2.1 operating system

      BSQUARE Corporation announced today a shell utility for use in building 
 Windows(R) CE-based embedded devices which require user interfaces.

      The BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop delivers a fully configurable desktop 
 design module for managing the user interface and launching applications. This 
 tool will allow developers to fully customize the user interface on embedded 

      "The use of the Windows CE operating system is exploding in a number of 
 embedded system markets," explained Joe Notarangelo, vice president and general 
 manager of BSQUARE's Embedded Systems Group. "Many kinds of new devices, 
 including Internet appliances, industrial man-machine interface devices, smart 
 consumer devices, kiosks, and more, require a user interface. The BSQUARE CE 
 EmbeddedDesktop complements the components of the Microsoft Windows CE Embedded 
 Toolkit for Visual C++ 5.0, enabling designers to build their user interfaces 
 and applications much more quickly, and enjoy the benefits of faster time-to-

      "Embedded systems developers focus on time-to-market as a critical element 
 in their overall design," said Tony Barbagallo, group product manager in the 
 consumer platforms division at Microsoft. "BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop gives 
 developers a set of tools that will enable them to quickly and efficiently 
 build custom user interfaces and bring a rich set of embedded solutions based 
 on Windows CE to market."

      Internet appliances will comprise a large portion of the market in which a 
 user interface is required on an embedded device. International Data 
 Corporation (IDC) estimates that the Internet appliance market segment will 
 approach 42 million annual units by the year 2002. This is a compounded average 
 growth rate of more than 96%. Forrester Research estimates the Internet-enabled 
 device revenues to reach $16 billion before the year 2002.

      About BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop

      BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop provides a full-featured default desktop which 
 can be configured and customized by the designer using the Embedded Desktop 
 Language (EDL), a simple text-based language requiring just minutes to learn. 
 With the CE EmbeddedDesktop, embedded systems designers can:

      -- Easily configure and customize a desktop
      -- Enjoy low memory requirements: 230K for the fully-featured
      -- Use multiple components for maximum flexibility in design 
      -- Provide a unique look and feel based on the embedded
         designer's requirements
      -- Use with Microsoft's Windows CE 2.1 operating system running
         on any Windows CE supported processor
      -- Use the Embedded Desktop Language Compiler (EDLC) 
      -- Choose from a large number of configurable desktop options 
      -- Modify desktop configuration for appearance, ease of use, work
         flow patterns, and security issues
      -- Control the startup sequence 
      -- Protect each command with a password 
      -- Use cascading submenus 
      -- Define hotkeys 
      -- Specify background colors and bitmaps
      -- Select among included icons or create their own 
      -- Browse and manage the file system with the BSQUARE FileStore
         program, or even reconfigure to an entirely different 

      The BSQUARE CE EmbeddedDesktop is available for a $9,995.00 site license. 
 Run-time royalties will be negotiated with individual customers based on unit 
 volume. The product is available for license today with production availability 
 in September.

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