OfficeMax Opens its First Test Prototype PDQ Store Format in Woodmere/A Cleveland Suburb
(PR Newswire; 07/30/98)

CLEVELAND, July 30 /PRNewswire/   OfficeMax, Inc. (NYSE: OMX) today 
 announced the launching of its new PDQ concept store in the Cleveland suburb of 
 Woodmere (Chagrin Boulevard just east of I-271 in the Village Square Shopping 
 Center).  This 7,500-square-foot store, which is about a third of the size of 
 the Company's traditional superstores, offers a full-service, state- of-the-art 
 CopyMax hub combined with over 3,000 commodity-type office products, as 
 compared to more than 8,000 in a full-size OfficeMax superstore. The new 
 OfficeMax retail concept provides guaranteed low prices on all merchandise.

     "OfficeMax PDQ(SM) is a unique, 'quick-shop' format in a convenient 
 location for when customers don't have the time to shop one of our full-size 
 OfficeMax superstores," said Michael Feuer, the Company's chairman and chief 
 executive officer.  Mr. Feuer added that the PDQ format will allow OfficeMax to 
 penetrate high-density urban locations both in domestic and international 
 markets as well as locate these smaller satellite stores in office parks, 
 office buildings and on or near college campuses.

     CopyMax offers a wide variety of print-for-pay services including: expanded 
 color print offerings; high speed, digital copying in both black & white and 
 color; a full array of binding, finishing and banner production services; 
 desktop publishing; personal computer rental stations with Internet access; 
 document design; engineering copying; and fax and resume assistance. The 
 Company currently operates CopyMax within virtually all of its OfficeMax stores 
 with CopyMax hubs functioning as production units for its satellite locations.

     The Company said that its OfficeMax PDQ store customers will have the same 
 full-service features available to them that the OfficeMax superstores offer 
 including MaxValues(R) and MaxRebates(R), along with the capability to obtain 
 over 20,000 products through an electronic, in-store kiosk ordering system that 
 is Internet-based.  The OfficeMax PDQ stores will have extended shopping hours 
 to accommodate customers' after hours printing and office supply needs. 
 Additional tests of the PDQ store format are planned for later this year.

     Today, OfficeMax operates 753 full-size superstores featuring office 
 supplies, office furniture, computer software, business machines and related 
 items in over 310 markets in 48 states and Puerto Rico.  In addition to its 
 CopyMax store-within-a-store concept, the Company also operates FurnitureMax, 
 another in-store module devoted exclusively to office furniture.  OfficeMax 
 also has 17 delivery centers throughout the United States to serve its catalog 
 and direct marketing business and OfficeMax OnLine(R) on the Internet at, enabling individual consumers and businesses to buy a 
 wide assortment of merchandise using personal computers.

     This release contains forward-looking statements which are subject to risks 
 and uncertainties. OfficeMax's Annual Report on Form 10-K, as filed with the 
 Securities and Exchange Commission for the year ended January 24, 1998, 
 contains a discussion about certain factors which could cause results to differ 
 from management's expectations.  These risks include, without limitation, the 
 following:  general economic conditions, increased competition, aggressive 
 expansion strategy, and political and economic instability in Mexico or Japan.

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