Cityeye Snippets August 98

1. Wiltshire's FIRST LIVE INTERNET KIOSK comes to Chippenham
2. Get your company on the Internet for under 70
3. Reliable Fast Internet Access? Ditch your AOL and Compuserve and check
4. Do you know someone having trouble understanding the web? Send them to a
Cityeye Internet Beginners Session. 
5. FREE Business Directory Listings
6. New Wiltshire Business Sites

Wiltshire's FIRST LIVE INTERNET KIOSK comes to Chippenham

We promised a Live Internet Kiosk by December 97 but could not find an
appropriate Kiosk. Now 8 months later in conjuction with we have our own NetKiosk which absolutely knocks the
socks off the competition.  A BOLD statement but just read on...

The SurF Wedge Kiosk is less than 2 feet square and 1 foot deep, bolts to a
wall or desk and houses the WORLD's most advanced LCD Panel PC technology.
Our PC is only 15" wide x 11" high and less than 4" deep complete with all
the usual multimedia features,  built in ethernet and a very accurate LCD
Situated in the Emery Gate Shopping Centre in Chippenham, the SurF Wedge
allows users to access local information or the entire web. Personal Email
can be received and sent and even hotmail accounts can be easily accessed.
The system is coin operated with tarrif set at 10p per minute minimum. 
NetKiosks can be customised externally and graphically for use in many
environments. e.g. corporate foyer, hotel, pubs, retail and the list goes on! 
Check out the WindowKiosk website at  
Get your company on the Internet for under 70
More and more companies are realising the value of having a presence on the
Internet and some companies still feel unsure whether it would work for
their company. At Cityeye we have developed the Wiltshire Business
Directory with links to Wiltshire Businesses large or small. For 65
Cityeye will create a Web Page of up to 750 words, logo and photograph. An
ongoing fee of 10 per month ensures hosting, admin and regular submission
to the search engines. For larger Web Sites we can quote on an individual
basis and host on your own domain.    
The Wiltshire Business Directory 

Reliable Fast Internet Access

Cityeye have been using and reselling the Saqnet ISP service since December
1997. At Cityeye our demand on the Internet is high, we log on many times a
day, from up to 5 machines, using the same ISDN line. Saqnet has performed
excellently, with reliable fast access and NO engaged tones EVER.  We pay
12.50 per month for our dial up access. Could your company benefit from
this type of access???

With 1 PC fitted with an ISDN card on your network, all connected PCs can
access the Net simultaneously. Cityeye can supply ISDN cards and FREE
Installation. For more information call Mick on 01249 466901.

Do you know someone having trouble understanding the web?

Easy to understand One to One Tuition, Ideal for the Family or Business
Starter. Try out a Cityeye Internet Beginners Session.
The 90 minute session covers, a brief history, understanding the www,
search engines, email and finally getting connected. Cost 40 p/p + VAT.
Sessions at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 7pm. - Book now with Janet on 01249 466900

FREE Business Directory Listings

We are not saying you are stingy but for those who can't afford the 65 for
a web page, Cityeye are offering FREE Directory Listings. Users on the
Wiltshire Business Directory will be able to search on Company Name or
Category. At a later stage if you decide to have a web page then we can
link to it from the listing. For more information and if you want your
company listed then call Janet on 01249 466900.

New Wiltshire Business Sites

This is a list of the latest additions to the Wiltshire Business Directory
designed by Cityeye.  

Devizes Fine Kitchens at
Traditional Kitchen Manufacturer
MEM Design at
Wedding Flower Arranging, Watercolours, Collages 

P&B Weir Electrical at
Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of: Portable Earthing Equipment,
Buchholz Relays, Golds' Motor Protection relays, Electrical Instruments and
Test Equipment

MSK Associated at
Engineering and Safety Consultants

Chippenham Chamber of Commerce at
Kevin Blackburn and his cronies

Rondar Race Boats at
Did you know that some of the most successful and well known Racing Dingies
were manufactured in Corsham???

ABCKiosks at
Find out more about the Cityeye Netkiosk

The Cimulation Centre at
Finite Scheduling Software. You have to read it to try to understand it.
These people are too clever for me!

Last but not least and not in the Wiltshire Directory is the Chinese
Website for Tianjin Printed Circuit Boards at

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