Indonesia's Largest Car Distributor Creates Web-Based Showroom with Computer Associates' Jasmine
11:40 a.m. Sep 15, 1998 Eastern

JAKARTA, Indonesia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 15, 1998--

Jasmine Integrates with PT Astra's SAP R/3 Environment To Deliver

Critical ERP-Information To Web-Based Multimedia Applications

Computer Associates International, Inc., (CA) today announced that PT Astra, one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates, has created a dynamic multimedia automotive shopping experience using Jasmine, CA's pure object-oriented database. The new application will allow the company to showcase its products via the Internet.

PT Astra has also integrated Jasmine with SAP R/3 to deliver critical ERP-information to these Web-based multimedia applications.

The application, developed for PT Astra's Auto 2000 Information Kiosk, is a web-enabled multimedia application that will allow PT Astra to display, promote and market its range of Toyota cars and accessories to the Indonesian marketplace. Since 1969, PT Astra has been Toyota's sole agent in Indonesia.

The company is currently Indonesia's largest diversified corporation, employing over 90,000 people with interests across key industries such as automotive, financial services, heavy industries, agriculture and telecommunications infrastructure.

"We wanted the Auto 2000 Information Kiosk to be exciting, visual and interactive using a wide variety of ways to attract potential customers," said Edy Soesanto Prawirohardjo, senior manager corporate IT, PT Astra International. "We were looking for a powerful yet simple solution to create, deploy and manage multimedia content. That's why we decided to go with Jasmine."

For PT Astra, integration with SAP was a key objective. "CA has vast resources for developers and users like PT Astra to help ensure that their applications seamlessly integrate with the database and other business solutions," said Tan Kia Kok, CA divisional senior vice president. "The connectivity with SAP is especially important as Jasmine can help PT Astra increase sales from their Auto 2000 Information Kiosks through its multimedia friendly environment, while Jasmine also enables crucial business processing functions to take place through its integration with SAP."

PT Astra uses SAP R/3 to manage most of its backoffice applications including Financials, Sales & Distribution, and Materials Management. The Information Kiosk application that was developed using Jasmine was designed for PT Astra's car sales and rentals. However, model availability is managed as part of their Inventory Management System in SAP. Consequently, it was important that PT Astra be able to directly integrate the Jasmine application with business information from SAP. Personnel can access SAP data regarding the availability of models and colors, credit and insurance information, and loan availability through the Jasmine application.

PT Astra will strategically place the kiosks in high traffic locations such as shopping malls to attract the attention of potential buyers. PT Astra's distributors will display the Auto 2000 Information Kiosks in their showrooms and offices as well where both customers and distributors can have multimedia access to automotive information quickly and effectively. In addition, the Auto Information Kiosks can also be accessed via the Internet from homes and offices.

Jasmine, a pure object database, is a comprehensive solution that allows users to quickly build and deploy multimedia applications over client/server and networked computing environments -- reducing costs and improving time-to-market. Jasmine provides extensive support for all types of information beyond text and numbers, such as video, sound and images. It also delivers universal data integration over an enterprise network, from desktop to mainframe, regardless of data source.

Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), with headquarters in Islandia, N.Y., is the world leader in mission-critical business software. The company develops, licenses and supports more than 500 integrated products that include enterprise computing and information management, application development, manufacturing and financial applications. CA has over 11,000 people in 160 offices in 43 countries and had revenue of $4.7 billion in fiscal year 1998. CA can be reached by visiting on the World Wide Web, emailing [email protected], or calling 1-516-342-5224.

PT Astra International is one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates (JSX : ASTRA). With headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, the company employs over 90,000 people and has been voted as one of the best managed companies in the Asia-Pacific. PT Astra is involved in diversified industries from automotive, financial services, heavy industries and agriculture to infrastructure development. In 1997, it had revenues of 16 billion rupiah. PT ASTRA can be reached by visiting on the World Wide Web, emailing [email protected]. All referenced product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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