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SOURCE: Telpar, Inc.

New Modular Thermal Printer Series Announced for Kiosk Developers and Systems Integrators

MTP-600 Series Available in 2, 3 and 4 Inch Widths With Serial and Parallel Interfaces

DALLAS, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Telpar, Inc. has announced the development and delivery of its new MTP-600 series of modular direct thermal printers. These printers are designed for kiosk applications.

The MTP-600 series of modular thermal printers are designed specifically for the high performance, size and durability requirements of cut and drop receipt applications. The compact size, speed and rugged design makes it ideal for kiosk environments.

  • Four models of the MTP Series are currently in production:
  • MTP-630-S - 85 mm (3.35 in) paper width, RS-232C serial interface.
  • MTP-630-P - 85 mm (3.35 in) paper width, Centronics parallel interface.
  • MTP-640-S - 114 mm (4.49 in) paper width, RS-232C serial interface
  • MTP-640-S - 114 mm (4.49 in) paper width, RS-232C serial interface
  • Applications
  • The new compact, open design makes the MTP-600 units ideal for a number of
  • kiosk-type environments. These include:
  • 1. Interactive media kiosks
  • 2. Automated teller machines (ATMs)
  • 3. Gaming machines
  • 4. Parking ticket dispensing machines
  • Features
  • Major features include:
  • Quiet operation with direct thermal printhead
  • Two paper widths: 114 mm(4.49 in) and 85 mm (3.35 in)
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Fast operation with print speed up to 80 mm/sec (3.1 in/sec)
  • Convenient dip switches for each changing of control settings
  • Compact size including 152 mm (6 in) diameter paper roll: 163 mm x 170

mm x 231 m (6.4 in H x 6.7 in W x 9.1 in D)

  • Microsoft(R) Windows(R) drivers available
  • Versatile printing capabilities including: inverted print mode, international character sets, bit image mode, reverse video mode.
  • Black mark sensing for Top of Form applications.

Production of the MTP-630 and MTP-640 started earlier this summer. Customer orders for these units have been received and units have been placed into field operation.

In announcing the introduction of Telpar's new MTP-600 Series, Bill McGarrity, President of Telpar stated:

  • ``This is a significant advancement for those developing kiosk
  • applications. This MTP-600 series is compact, versatile and reliable. We
  • have built on our technology and developed a product that will have many
  • uses. It is designed to be compatible with both Microsoft Windows and
  • with ESC/POS, a standard developed by Epson for the point of sale
  • industry.``
  • ``Telpar already has an excellent reputation for the development of unique,
  • direct thermal printer products for the kiosk industry. As an established
  • major supplier in both the ATM kiosk and gaming machine industries, this
  • advancement clearly positions Telpar as a leader in the kiosk printer
  • industry.``

Company Background

Telpar is a manufacturer and value added distributor of OEM printer and POS printer solutions, including Kiosk, stand alone panel mount printers, mechanisms and controllers as well as POS equipment such as cash drawers, programmable keyboards, scanners, MICR readers, and touch screens. Telpar suppliers include Epson, Citizen, Addmaster, Fujitsu, APG, Welch Allyn Symbol, Tatung and Key Source. Telpar engineers help system integrators and resellers develop the printer product that best fits their customer's needs. Telpar provides repair service, parts and consumables, including paper, ribbons and cutter blades. Telpar provides a limited one-year warranty on all products that it sells. Additional information is available from Telpar's website at Telpar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Peak Technologies, a division of Moore Corporation, LTD.

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