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(PR Newswire; 09/14/98)

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hertz Corporation (NYSE: HRZ), 
 the world's largest car rental company, announces the roll-out of its Enhanced 
 Computerized Driving Directions to 16 major airports nationwide. With the 
 incorporation of new technology, this new generation of Hertz Computerized 
 Driving Directions allows customers to obtain point-to-point directions to 
 virtually any street address within a geographical area. Currently available at 
 Atlanta, San Francisco, Orlando, Newark,  Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago O'Hare 
 and Midway, Washington National and Dulles, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, 
 Baltimore, and Houston International and Hobby airports, the system will be 
 rolled out to more than 50 Hertz US airport and downtown locations by year end.

 In 1984, Hertz was the first car rental company to develop and introduce 
 Computerized Driving Directions.  Customers manually scrolled through an index 
 of predetermined destinations and keyed the number corresponding to the desired 
 route into the Computerized Driving Directions unit.  Customers would then 
 receive a print-out of the directions.

 In 1988, Hertz expanded its Computerized Driving Directions, incorporating the 
 predetermined destinations and route numbers into a kiosk system. Customers 
 typed the desired route number on a numeric keypad, directions would then print-

 In 1993, touch-screen technology was incorporated into the units.  The easy-to-
 use, self-service application provided directions from the Hertz location to a 
 given destination.

 Today, Hertz' Enhanced Computerized Driving Directions offer customers point-to-
 point directions from any origin to any destination within a prescribed area.  
 Using touch-screen technology and an application that runs on Microsoft(R) 
 Windows(R), the system includes video-mapping and an administrative tool that 
 allows Hertz management to edit directions and points of interest as needed.

 Available at Hertz counter areas, the Enhanced Computerized Driving Directions 
 have an expanded database, allowing customers to obtain easy-to-read directions 
 between any two points or addresses. Complementing the printed directions, the 
 new technology includes a video map display that highlights and flashes the 
 selected route plotting the origin and destination points.

 Prior to roll-out of this new generation, customers were only able to obtain 
 directions from a Hertz location to a number of preset points of interest.

 "Today, with emerging technology, Hertz remains the leader in providing renters 
 with Computerized Driving Directions," commented Brian J. Kennedy, Executive 
 Vice President, Marketing and Sales for The Hertz Corporation. "With our 
 enhanced system, customers are now able to map their entire trip."

 The enhanced system also maintains many popular features of the former system --
  user friendly, touch-screen technology; turn-by-turn, street level directions 
 with time and distance; and a print-out of the directions, available in 
 multiple languages.

 The new database allows customers to enter their own origin, whether a street 
 address, intersection, or one of thousands of points of interest. Points of 
 interest are broken down by category, including businesses, hotels, 
 attractions, restaurants, cities, hospitals, intersections, and transportation 
 facilities.  Subcategories include automated teller machines (ATMs), banks, 
 convention centers, grocery stores, entertainment venues, golf courses, 
 museums, recreation areas, shops, sporting venues, train stations, and 

 The terminal's touch-screen, virtual keyboard allows customers to type in 
 addresses without using a mouse or traditional keyboard while a scroll feature 
 provides ease in selecting various points of interest.

 "In developing this enhanced version, we decided to create a customized 
 application that combines state-of-the-art technology with a human interface, 
 enabling each location to update and edit its database as needed," continued 
 Kennedy.  "With this unique combination, we are able to add new points of 
 interest and make instantaneous changes to the database, providing up-to-date 
 directions to and from thousands of points, ranging from office complexes to 
 tourist attractions.  This service is unsurpassed by any other car rental 

 Computerized Driving Directions are available in six languages: English, 
 French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish; and are free of charge to all 
 Hertz customers.

 A longtime leader in offering advanced directional technology, Hertz' Enhanced 
 Computerized Driving Directions complement the more than 8000 NeverLost(R) on-
 board navigational systems already used by Hertz' customers in more than 35 

 Hertz operates a fleet of more than 500,000 vehicles from approximately 5,500 
 locations in over 140 countries worldwide.  SOURCE  The Hertz Corporation

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