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Internet laws considered
(South China Morning Post; 09/17/98)

Laws on transactions via the Internet are being considered, said Secretary 
 for Information Technology and Broadcasting Kwong Ki-chi.

    The Government had received submissions from 44 companies expressing 
 interest in providing online public services, he said.

    "In the not too distant future, we will be able to transact business with 
 government online . . . through the use of information kiosks installed at 
 convenient public locations, personal computers at home or in the office, by 
 telephone through interactive voice response systems or interactive 
 television," he said.

    Mr Kwong said the scheme would be a catalyst for the developing electronic 
 commerce in the private sector.

    The Post Office had agreed to set up a public certification authority, which 
 would provide a secure database of electronic signatures.

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