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AvantGo 2.0 Intro'd For Mobile Computing
(Newsbytes; 09/21/98)

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., 1998 SEP 21 (Newsbytes) -- By Newsbytes Staff, 
 Networking Roundup. AvantGo Inc. has released AvantGo 2.0, which the company 
 says is designed for "extending enterprise and Web-based applications to 
 handheld computers."

 AvantGo 2.0 is made up of the AvantGo Server centrally administered server with 
 open architecture; the AvantGo Connect conduit for desktop and kiosk 
 connectivity; and a major upgrade of AvantGo Client, a Web browser for 
 navigating data and interacting with data-entry forms on handheld computers.

 The company says version 2.0 provides universal remote access and delivers 
 "high-performance mobile transactions" between corporate databases or Web-based 
 applications and handheld computers, including Windows CE and Palm Computing's 
 platform devices.

 AvantGo 2.0 reportedly lets organizations manage deployed devices remotely, 
 update content and applications without recalling devices from the field, 
 synchronize information over connectivity options and deploy applications 
 without requiring companion desktop computers.

 AvantGo 2.0 is available immediately, priced at $30,000 for 100 users. 
 Corporate licensing is also available.

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