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Maximise your Kiosk 'Up-Time'

It's almost an acceptable fact of life in the Kiosk community that no
unattended Kiosk in the field is going to run continuously for 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week without some sort of system crash.
Crashes can be down to many things, not least from badly written web
pages, dodgy Java script or just plain power spikes. 

However, things are looking up. 

One of the features of WindowKiosk's SurF range of Kiosks is a unique
watchdog chip integrated into the PC. The watchdog chip is programmed to
look for Windows 95/98 system hanging, which if detected, will reboot the
Kiosk and run up the interface afresh.

In collaboration with NetShift Software Ltd, this feature has now been
incorporated into NetShift V4 (released Sep98) which detects for Netshift
running. If NetShift fails to report back to the watchdog within a given
time (2 mins) then watchdog assumes that NetShift has been dogged by a
rogue web page and reboots the Kiosk.

The watchdog can be switched off manually by a maintainer if required.

This watchdog software can be run only on machines fitted with the
hardware watchdog chip currently integrated into WindowKiosks' Panel PC's.

More info on Multi Language Coin Management System and Kiosk Remote monitoring can be found at

Thanks Kinetic!

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