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New Streaming Animation

Dear Content Creator:

I want to introduce you to an exciting new tool that easily creates talking
animation for any Web site.  

Agent 7, from 7th Level, Inc., at, utilizes voice recognition and
RealAudio to create talking animated characters.  Simply select from a
variety of animated characters, speak into a microphone or add existing
voice track, and it automatically animates the character with your voice.
The character's lips, facial expressions, and body gestures are
synchronized to your voice using "phoneme" (voice) recognition.  

We are offering a two character version absolutely FREE as well as a $99
version with additional characters to choose from.  Download your copy
today and discover how easy animation can be.  
Follow the links to Agent 7 on:

While you are there, listen to some of the talking characters on the site: 
- Cab, a suave mustached character
- Eva, a futuristic metallic woman
- CoolWolf, a classically animated character
- Harry, the debonair cut-out animation
and many more available for you to bring to life with this new tool!

This product can be streamed in the same manner as RealAudio, from Personal
Pages, Web server or RealNetworks RealServers.

Thanks and start adding impact to your Web site!

Kevin Foreman
General Manager
Tools and Authoring Products

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Thanks Kinetic!

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