Company Press Release: Announcing NEW NetShift v4

We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new version of our dynamic Public Browser Interface kiosk sofware.
All our customers are entitled to a free upgrade.

NetShift v4

Netscape Navigator v4.x support
We are really pleased to now offer NetShift to support Netscape Navigator v4.x
NetShift still supports Netscape v3.x, MSIE 3.x, MSIE4.01 onwards (not MSIE 4.0 unsuitable for kiosks)

NetShift Setup Manager
Overall the NetShift Setup Manager is now viewed in 'landscape' format with less tabs for easier viewing and configuration. The removed tabs have been combined into one new tab called 'Interface Editor' which now uses a dynamic GUI to to select your customization requirements.

Kiosk E-mail Advert
The ability to provide an optional customized E-mail advert in the footer of ever outgoing E-mail sent by users. Provides for global recognition of kiosk email!

'Enter Network Password'
New option - To assist further in developing kiosks, for both the intranet and Internet markets, in being able to enter into the windows 'Enter Network Password' dialogue box (previous versions suppressed this). To either log the kiosk in or use password protected areas on websites.

URL Filtering
The much requested option to 'Allow' only certain websites that the user can 'goto'. This also bars links off the chosen websites unless they are also added into the 'Allow' list. For 'Don't Allow' please see reference in this E-mail to the Net Nanny products advisory

Watchdog TXT file
Option - NetShift can now continually write the time & date stamp to a text file of your choice, so that third party watchdog devices can check this for a major lock up. If lock up detected the watchdog can then order a kiosk re-start.

Many other mini background optimising features have also been added in to this new release.

JavaScript Error Handling
Yet another new major background security feature that rescues the system from badly written JavaScript web page errors and auto handles the dialog box.

NetShift Documentation
Our documentation has been highly upgraded and re-edited for simpler, more intuitive reading. The evaluation and full copy software ships with:
1) Full Documentation Word 97 format
2) Full Documentation HTML format
3) 10 Minute 'Quick Start' guide RTF format
4) ReadMe TXT format


GET TECH SUPPORT: [email protected]


GET SALES SUPPORT: [email protected]


NT Keyblocking and auto log-in
Yet another FREE but powerful kiosk optimizing utility for professional NT kiosk integrators. Blocks NT key combinations that would normally lead to the user being able to access the O/S, example: ctrl+alt+del, yet provides auto log-on even though the ctrl+alt+del, log-in password is not available.
Please ensure you read carefully and understand fully this routine before installing.

This and other excellent FREE Kiosk utilities are available from:

'NS Kiosk Shell Manager'
Another major advance for optimising kiosk up-time - a FREE utility which will create a NetShift Shell and automate some of the forgotten security settings within Windows and NT that can often effect the performance of kiosks.
In the first instance please contact our support team (will be on our website shortly) for your FREE copy: [email protected]


The bug within MSIE 4.01 and later versions that stopped the NetShift scroll/direction buttons (up/down/left/right) from operating has now been fixed in this new version.
PLEASE NOTE: MSIE4.0 should not be used as it is unsuitable for kiosks, please get latest upgrade from the Microsoft site at:

There is a very small chance this Microsoft security issue may affect NetShift Users who use Internet Explorer, so we have brought it to your attention.

Microsoft has posted an update to Internet Explorer 4.0, 4.01, and 4.01 Service Pack 1 that protects customers against a potential problem involving JScript vulnerability. When Internet Explorer encounters a Web page that contains malicious JScript, Internet Explorer could close unexpectedly. Microsoft highly recommends that this patch be installed to protect computers. Further information, and access to the patch can be obtained from:


FREE VNC Software: Remote Kiosk control
A very simple yet dynamic FREE piece of software that gives you remote control of kiosks that have a permanent IP address. Full remote kiosk configuration and customization seems to be provided by this Virtual Network Computing product, from:

Kiosk Coin Mechanism total solution
Specifically written for NetShift application. Developed from the ground up for Pay-As-You-Go Internet Kiosk Systems. Configurable Coin Acceptor, Serial Interface, Cabling, Power Supply and Software Management are included in this total solution from:

Net Nanny products advisory
There is a multitude of choice for Net Nanny products, however we have found inconsistent problems with these products and have proved difficult for us to replicate on our test bed kiosks. The problem usually emerges as a Violation Access Code when running under NetShift.
The main inconsistency is one particular product works fine for one integrator but then not for another. Areas we have identified that may cause problems are:
Firewalls, Proxy Servers, Browser and/or O/S choice.
We also believe that these Net Nanny products have yet to be fully developed for kiosk use.
We strongly suggest that you fully evaluate and test your choice of Net Nanny product before deploying your kiosks. If you have any problems with these products please contact the product provider.

Net Nanny third party products:
And others.


We are pleased to welcome to the ever growing global support for NetShift users:
HotelNet - Australia [email protected]
ESAR - Austria
First Impression A/S

For a complete listing of global NSD's please see:


Out Now! The second in the series of independent research reports on the global interactive kiosk market. Packed with over 100 pages of analysis, forecasts, interviews with key players, on-site visits etc. A must for serious kiosk developers, integrators or operators, from:


NetShift 'Full Screen' option
Hot on the heels of this launch of new NetShift v4 will be a FREE upgrade within the NetShift Setup manager as an option to switch NetShift (really the browser) securely into full screen mode. All navigation will then be provided from the web pages. NetShift will still provide (hidden in the background) all its high security features. The 'attract' carousel and AVI modes will still be available as an option and will also run full screen.

Log File Analyser
A seperate program to analyse the log file will shortly be available.

For further information please contact: [email protected]
Visit our website to learn more about this release: www/

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