Major Financial Institutions Profit From Macromedia's Online Learning System

CREDIT SUISSE, Canada Trust, KeyCorp, and Omega Performance Select Pathware 3 - Attain Essentials for Employee Training

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The Interactive Learning Division of Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR - news) today announced that Pathware(TM) 3 - Attain Enterprise Learning System Essentials(TM), has been selected by several major banks for technology-based training development and management. The banks use the Attain Essentials to deliver learning content to employees around the world, and track and report on training results. An integrated component of Macromedia's recently announced Attain Enterprise Learning System(TM), the Attain Essentials is an open, scalable management system for planning, delivering and reporting results for mission-critical learning programs.

Major global banks that have recently implemented the Attain Essentials include CREDIT SUISSE, Canada Trust, and KeyCorp. Taking advantage of the flexible content delivery mechanisms with the Attain Essentials, some banks use the Web to deliver training courses to employees while others have set up physical kiosks or learning centers where employees can train at their own pace.

``The Attain Essentials is rapidly becoming the number one enterprise-wide learning management system in the financial services industry,'' said Ian Richmond, president of the Interactive Learning Division at Macromedia. ``One reason is that the banking industry is in the midst of a period of dramatic transformation. By enabling banks to train their employees more effectively, the Attain Essentials increases their ability to deliver greater productivity, enhanced levels of customer service and higher profits.''


By 1999, CREDIT SUISSE, one of Switzerland's largest banks, plans to make Attain Essentials online training available to all of its 12,500 Swiss employees at their desktops. CREDIT SUISSE will deliver training content via CD-ROMs, local and wide area networks, and its corporate intranet. Its curriculum includes several structured multilevel job-specific courses with prerequisites and tests as well as three large libraries of training content for unstructured access. A single central database will track all training results throughout the entire corporation.

``Our vision at CREDIT SUISSE is to put our training material at our employees' fingertips so they can use it easily and frequently,'' said Leopold Kause, project manager for training technologies, CREDIT SUISSE. ``The Attain Essentials improves the quality of our training programs with a one-click solution that provides employees and their managers with a complete overview of all training material and structured courses. This interface dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to search for courses and discuss which ones are most appropriate for the employee. The instant overview of the training and test scores also helps to assure a certain level of knowledge and quality within the staff.''

Canada Trust and KeyCorp

Canada Trust and KeyCorp of Ohio have implemented the Attain Enterprise Learning System as part of the Learning Environment and Reporting Network (LEARN) from Omega Performance, Inc., a leading developer of training materials for financial institutions. Canada Trust has made Attain training accessible to more than 10,000 employees, with multimedia learning workstations in 450 Canada Trust branches throughout North America. Each workstation contains a Microsoft Windows 95 multimedia computer specially configured to offer training services.

Lesa Evans, Performance Development manager at Key said that, ``Key recently completed initial deployment of LEARN in 250 locations. Full implementation of the training will continue into 1998. While we are still in the early stages of deployment, already our managers can see the benefits of having information about training immediately available on-line in their locations.''

``The Attain Essentials is extremely easy for our customers to use,'' said David Lasner, executive vice president of product development, Omega Performance. ``It provides a consistent interface through which employees can access courses, materials, and the invisible infrastructure that guides them through specific curriculums. And the fact that the Attain Essentials works with any ODBC-compliant database allows our customers to make training a bigger part of their entire business decision process.''

The Benefits of Online Training for Banks

Although every organization customizes the Attain Essentials to suit their specific business model, companies in the financial services industry using the management system all share some common benefits:

Helps Comply with Government Regulations -- The Attain Essentials allows financial institutions to measure and report on the effectiveness of their employee training to meet certain government regulations. With the management system, banks can easily demonstrate that they have complied with specific regulations. For example, a bank can use the Attain Essentials to distribute a written regulatory update and then conduct comprehensive results tracking and reporting to verify that all appropriate personnel have read the update.

Manages Large Number of Students -- Many banks plan to train thousands of employees using the Attain Essentials. It simplifies training management by storing students' results in a single enterprise database, regardless of authoring tools or delivery options. The Attain Essentials feature set also includes student administration, multiple language support, automatic student enrollment, and integrated email. Content can be delivered on LANs/WANs, local hard drives, CD-ROMs, and the Internet/intranets.

Manages Multiple Courses -- Several banks provide employees with dozens of different online courses. The Attain Essentials is designed to support complex learning environments with features that include course administration, curriculum and scoring management, and comprehensive tracking and reporting of results. Tracking of results also helps companies link business performance to training programs for return on investment (ROI) measurement.

Reduces Training Costs -- Macromedia's Attain Essentials saves banks money by delivering training online, which allows employees to train whenever and wherever it is most convenient and cost-effective for them. The Attain Essentials also allows banks to limit access to courses that employees are not required to take. Because banks typically pay employees for their learning time, this saves dollars from being wasted on unnecessary training.

Provides Flexible Content Authoring -- Banks typically use a combination of internally developed content, off-the-shelf content, and third party content. With the Attain Essentials, training content can be developed in virtually any authoring environment, including Macromedia Authorware(R) Attain, Director(R), and Dreamweaver(TM) Attain, as well as ToolBook II, IconAuthor, Quest, Visual Basic, HTML, and Java. Both Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) -- compliant content and legacy non-AICC compliant content can be integrated easily. AICC is the leading open standard for technology- based learning systems in production in the world today.

Based on Industry Standards -- The Attain Essentials delivers content and tracks training results using the latest version of the AICC standard -- the only open standard for technology-based learning systems in production in the world today.

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About Omega Performance

Omega Performance is a training and consulting company that generates business results for financial service institutions by enhancing sales performance and service effectiveness. Over the past 22 years, Omega has earned a reputation as an innovator in the industry, in terms of learning design, interactive technology, and results-based methodologies. Omega's interactive multimedia simulations have received more awards for design excellence than any firm in the industry. Omega's Results First! methodology, which employs a unique blend of new management practices, results coaching, and interactive simulations, has proven to repeatedly generate bottom line returns for Omega's clients.

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