Netpodium Announces Broadcast Service Provider Program To Give Service Providers Tools to Expand Their Business and Stay Competitive

Netpodium, Inc. today announced a new program called the Broadcast Service Provider (BSP) Program. The aim of the program is to establish a national network of service providers who deliver a range of value-added services for live interactive events on the Internet or intranets. Current program members include companies who provide interactive broadcast planning, design, production, and technical services for their clients. Live Internet communications can eliminate geographic barriers and allow communicators to conduct successful sales training, product launches, press conferences, or partner briefings.

While this new medium can save clients time and money, it also has some unique requirements. "Using a broadcast service provider is the best way to conduct a successful virtual event," says John O'Halloran, Netpodium CEO. "Our Netpodium BSPs have all the creative and technical know-how to handle the issues you might face when delivering your message on the Web."

Broadcast Service Providers can add new premium services to their current offerings by adding a range of services around conducting live Netpodium events. They can offer services such as content design and creation, network planning, streaming media encoding, server hosting, technical support, hosting or moderating services, or archiving. Netpodium Inc. provides the software, training, and a network of partners to help program members deliver these valuable services.

Netpodium is looking for Internet service providers, creative agencies, meeting planners, consultants, and service bureaus in several regions across the country who might be interested in becoming a Netpodium Broadcast Service Provider. For more information about Netpodium software or details on the BSP program, contact Jackie Fabbri at 206/674-6047. About Kiket Online Learning Centers

Kiket Online Learning Centers ( helps organizations by providing everything needed to create, deliver, and manage effective online training. The tools Kiket employs and the processes Kiket teaches are specifically chosen to meet the needs of corporate training. Kiket's comprehensive package of consulting, content creation, system design, and customer support gives the client an Online Learning Center that reduces training costs and delivers the right knowledge to the right people any time and any place. For more information, please send email to [email protected]. About Activate

As the industry's first comprehensive Webcasting solution provider, Activate specializes in developing custom solutions using Netpodium. Activate provides production services and infrastructure to help companies produce live, interactive Webcasts, online conferences and roadshows, Web-based training, investor relations presentations, and other business communications. Activate has assisted companies such as Microsoft, Attachmate, and the Association of Investment Management & Research (AIMR), all from their Seattle-based studios. For more information visit About LiveWire Interactive, Inc.

LiveWire Interactive, Inc. is a multimedia company dedicated to the creation of interactive content that connects people and builds digital communities. LiveWire has been successful in creating marketing, educational, and entertainment products that are friendly, informative, and intuitive. LiveWire's web sites, kiosks, CD-ROMs, and video productions are cinematic, compelling, media-rich experiences that maintain a commitment to quality, use technologies intelligently, and adhere to solid creative principles. LiveWire's clients include Netpodium, Microsoft, Fujitsu Interactive, JCAI, National Mobile TV, RXL Pulitzer, iPromotions, and Adobe Systems. For more information visit About Altimedia

Alternative Internet Media, LLC d.b.a. AltiMedia, is a Midwest-based multimedia company specializing in creating "Site&Sound" solutions for the Internet. AltiMedia offers hosting and production services for streaming media (audio/visual/video) as well as many other Internet oriented business communication solutions. AltiMedia's unique "One2Many" presentations enable companies to greatly reduce their costs utilizing the Internet for programs such as distance learning, on-line training, on-line conferences and multimedia web presentations. For more information please email to: [email protected]. About Netpodium Inc.

Netpodium develops and markets the Netpodium Interactive Broadcasting Suite, a software suite that facilitates large-group interaction for live broadcasts via the Internet or Intranets. Netpodium software is used for such things as distance learning, sales training, product launches, press conferences, technical briefings, and virtual seminars. Netpodium Inc., located in Seattle, Washington, was founded in December 1997 by John O'Halloran, CEO, and Mike Templeman, VP Engineering and CTO. The company's mission is to develop new Web technologies that enhance the ways in which people and organizations interact on the Internet and corporate intranets. Visit Netpodium on the Web at

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