Vol. 1 Issue #3                         October 1, 1998

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You've all been there.

Hot summer day, thirsty as dirt and you 
see the shining Soda Machine lurking in the 
distance.  You reach for that sweaty dollar 
bill and try your luck at the roulette 
whee- I mean bill acceptor.

Dollar goes in.  Dollar comes out.

Dollar goes in.  Dollar comes out.

Machine gets kicked.  No soda comes out.

And yet these acceptors seem to be everywhere.  
The reason is simple. Everyone has a dollar.  
They might not have coins or credit cards,
but they have a dollar.  If your looking for 
maximum usage (and maximum frustration) you 
need to be using a dollar bill acceptor.

As a basic rule of thumb, go with the payment 
mechanism that matches the basic spending unit 
for that location.

Laundromats and arcades should be taking coins.  
Restaurants, bars and cafes work best with the 
bill acceptors.  Airports, Hotels and Convention 
Centers will embrace the Credit Card.

What else is there?  Well there are the options 
of going with pre-paid internet cards and smart 
cards. The internet cards hold no real value.  
They simply display a username and password 
on a card with the location's logo and instructions
on the back.

Individuals use this card to access time reserved 
on the machine.  Its inexpensive and efficient, but
accounts would need to be set up ahead of time 
(data entry, fun!)

Smart Cards are slowly but surely making their way 
to mainstream.  They store time information right
on the card eliminating the need for updating the
terminals.  The downside? They don't come cheap 
and they need special equipment for reading and
writing to them.  As the technology advances,
so does the demand for these gems.

Many issues must be considered when choosing your 
payment device.  Collecting the funds can be the
deciding factor.  Dollar bill and coin acceptors
need to be theft and tamper proof, or they will
be in constant need of repair or replacement.
Be sure to collect the money at regular intervals
to avoid frequent jams.

Credit and Smart Cards offer you more security
and less headaches, but you generally experience
a large decline in usage.  Nothing is easier than 
dropping a coin or a bill into a vending unit, and
the usage proves it.

As technology advances, these choices will become
more clear.  For the time being, however, consider
your payment mechanism carefully - it will be your
best friend or your worst enemy!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to our 
next issue.

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