SIEMENS NIXDORF: Volkswagen to offer 24-hour service check-in and check-out
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For those of us who never seem to have enough time to
get the car serviced, Siemens Nixdorf and Volkswagen
have come up with the answer - a multimedia kiosk
that provides customers with automatic service
check-in and check-out around the clock.

The Siemens Nixdorf kiosk is as easy to use as a
standard cash dispenser. Customers simply enter their
maintenance and repair wishes along with their name,
telephone number and vehicle registration via a
touchscreen - at any time of the day or night. The
new Volkswagen SAM multimedia system helps customers
to choose from a number of service packages on
screen, from oil change and waste emission
measurement to routine vehicle inspections.

The Volkswagen system then outputs the estimated
costs, which the user must confirm, and then prints
out an order confirmation for signing. Customers then
place their confirmation documents and care keys in a
safe deposit box which will contain the check-out
card they need to collect the vehicle, and details of
where to leave the car. For those customers who don't
want to use a touchscreen, SAM also offers a
voice-control service with full correction

Collecting your vehicle is just as easy. Simply touch
the "Collect vehicle" field on the screen, insert the
check-out card and pay the invoice using a credit
card, EC Euro Cheque card or special Volkswagen card.
SAM then reveals which safe deposit box contains the
vehicle documents and where the vehicle is located.
The Siemens Nixdorf system can also be equipped with
additional functions. These include Volkswagen's
model and accessories portfolio with prices, the
range of services offered by the particular dealer,
financing plans from Volkswagenbank and an internal
used car offer - all in sound and vision.

Volkswagen has commissioned Siemens Nixdorf, Europe's
leading computer company, to set up its SAM
multimedia self-service terminals. The complete
package also includes software, maintenance and
support. Installations are concentrated in Germany
and other countries in Europe. SAM is set up at the
entrance to the authorised Volkswagen dealer. The
first terminals are already in operation; others will
follow throughout 1998 and 1999.

Siemens Nixdorf is Europe's leading supplier of information technology with an annual turnover of
DM15.4 billion. The company supplies market-leading
products, solutions and services that provide
competitive advantage for its expanding customer
base, and has gained a leadership position in a
number of key technologies, including PCs, servers,
PoS systems and self-service devices. Siemens
Nixdorf's User Centred Computing approach focuses on
individual customer needs rather than short-term
technology issues, and has helped the company to
achieve particular success in the UK Retail, Finance,
Manufacturing and Government sectors.

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