Lexitech gives you a portrait-mode kiosk layout!

Lexitech now makes available a portrait-mode configuration for Lexitech NetKey(R), Lexitech's patented kiosk software platform. Designed for a resolution of 1024x1280 pixels, this layout is ideal for the new 20" flatscreens that are now available with portrait mode software. Come and get it at Portrait mode operation provides up to 40% more of your document on the screen than landscape operation.

About Lexitech and Lexitech NetKey®

Founded in the basement of Yale University's Management School in 1983, Lexitech has grown into a world leader in developing technological solutions for a wide range of clients. Since 1983, Lexitech has won more than a dozen awards in the industry, including: Internet World's Top 100 Internet Sites; five New Media Magazine awards and the prestigious Top 100 New Media Producer award from Multimedia Producer Magazine.

Lexitech NetKey is a patented Internet kiosk software platform designed for customized, secure access to your web applications. The software provides the complete graphical, multimedia, and security capabilities necessary for the development of full-featured web kiosk applications. Join the thousands of organizations worldwide using Lexitech NetKey. Download a trial copy today! .

For more information on Lexitech NetKey, or on Lexitech's full-service design and application development services, please contact Paul Blodgett at [email protected].

Make your kiosk "Powered by NetKey".


Thanks Kinetic!

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