(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; 10/05/98)

Starting this week, Santa Clara County will offer some suspects an 
 interactive kiosk where they can use a credit card to get out of the slammer 
 within minutes of being booked.

    It's like an automatic teller machine, but instead of dispensing cash it 
 grants instant access out of jail.

    The heaviest use is expected from those arrested for relatively minor crimes 
 with bails under $5,000 - well within the limit many people carry on their 
 credit cards. Crimes will include vandalism, assault, drunken driving and drug 

    County officials said the bail kiosks will reduce taxpayer costs and jail 

    Bail bondsmen claim the service is illegal because it's not state-licensed, 
 like they must be. They also complain that it's unfair competition.

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