Metrowerks CodeWarrior to Support Embedded C++
(Canadian Corporate; 10/09/98)

AUSTIN, TEXAS--(Canadian Corp News, OCTOBER 9, 1998)--Metrowerks, Inc., today 
 announced all CodeWarrior development tools now support the Embedded C++ (EC++) 
 draft  specifications. EC++ is a subset of C++ defined by the Embedded  C++ 
 Technical Committee to make C++ more accessible and usable for embedded systems 

 EC++ gives developers the ability to create object-oriented  programs which can 
 enhance code reusability and portability  without exposing them to those 
 features of C++ that can lead to  undue code complexity and excessive memory 
 consumption, factors  which must be carefully managed in the design of most 
 embedded  systems.

 Metrowerks' EC++ Library is a fully compliant, highly optimized implementation 
 of the EC++ Draft Standard.  Special attention has  been afforded "string" and 
 "complex", to ensure that this library  is extremely efficient, and has a very 
 small footprint, making it  ideal for today's embedded system requirements.  It 
 is distributed in source code form to further enhance the developer's debugging 

 "Metrowerks' support for EC++ strengthens our efforts to provide developers 
 with a well-defined, easy-to-use subset of C++ for  embedded programming by 
 offering developers a greater selection of tools in which to create those 
 applications," said Hiroshi Monden, general manager of NEC's Software 
 Development Environment and  Engineering Labs, and chairman of the Embedded C++ 
 Technical  Committee. "Our intention was to make C++ more accessible to  
 embedded developers who wanted to create portable reusable code  and at the 
 same time define a subset that worked within the  natural limitation of code 
 size for embedded systems. By  supporting EC++ in CodeWarrior, Metrowerks 
 offers embedded  developers a powerful and popular development environment for 
 creating EC++ applications and helps ensure that embedded  programmers have 
 greater access to a new and equally powerful  variation of the C++ language."

 "The new and emerging standard for embedded C++ is an important initiative in 
 the embedded systems market," said Greg Galanos, president and chief technology 
 officer, Metrowerks.  "We fully  support the efforts of the Embedded C++ 
 Committee and are proud to provide developers with support for EC++.  Our 
 mandate is to  provide developers with the best development tools in the 
 market.  Adding support for EC++ to our CodeWarrior development tools eases 
 some of the difficulty encountered in programming C++ applications for embedded 
 systems and extends our commitment to the embedded  development community."

 Pricing and Availability

 CodeWarrior embedded solutions start at $2,500 for a single seat,  and are 
 available from Metrowerks and Metrowerks authorized  resellers. All purchases 
 include one free product update and free  technical support for the CodeWarrior 
 IDE for one year. Site  license and academic pricing are available. For more 
 information  on pricing and availability, contact Metrowerks at 512-873-4700 or 
 "[email protected]".

 About Metrowerks Embedded System Products

 The CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the  most powerful 
 multi-host, multi-target, multi-language software  development solution 
 available in the market. CodeWarrior's state- of-the-art design gives embedded 
 software developers a flexible,  high-performance toolset to help them clear 
 many of the  productivity and time-to-market hurdles they face today.  
 CodeWarrior accelerates the development process by combining  advanced 
 compilers with an editor, debugger, linker and code  browser, all controlled by 
 a single, intuitive graphical user  interface (GUI).

 CodeWarrior provides engineers with the ability to pick the host platform, 
 programming language, and target processor that best  suits the needs of the 
 project, without having to learn a whole  new set of development tools.  
 CodeWarrior is hosted on Windows  95/98, Windows NT and Solaris, and offers a 
 choice of several  high-level programming languages (C, C++, EC++, Pascal, and 
 Java), as well as full support for in-line assembly. CodeWarrior  compilers are 
 available to target PowerPC, MIPS, 68K, x86, and  other families of 

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 Metrowerks Inc. All other company and product names  may be registered 
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 product and customer acceptance of the  product.

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