(PR Newswire; 10/09/98)

PROVO, Utah, and REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Big Planet(TM) 
 today launched the iPhone(R) at its Fall '98 Conference in Orem, Utah.  The 
 iPhone is an award-winning Web-phone based on technology and services developed 
 by InfoGear(TM) Technology Corp. that allows users to communicate through the 
 phone to receive e-mail, get information from the World Wide Web and conduct e-
 commerce transactions from a single device. Distributed through Big Planet's 
 nationwide distribution network of 40,000 independent representatives, the 
 iPhone adds an exciting new product to Big Planet's Internet product line.

 The iPhone brings the power of the Internet into the daily lives of a large new 
 audience by providing an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to the 
 Internet.  Introduced at a promotional price $299, Big Planet will distribute 
 the iPhone for $200 lower than the current retail price.  iPhone can be 
 purchased through a Big Planet representative or through its Web site at

 "The iPhone is an important addition to our product line of Internet access 
 devices because of its affordability and ease-of-use," said Richard King, 
 president of Big Planet.  "We are committed to offering products, such as the 
 iPhone, that enhance the way people learn, communicate, work, shop and play in 
 their everyday lives."

 "We believe the network marketing channel is a superb channel for Web phones at 
 this time.  As a new device, the iPhone is best appreciated when the customer 
 gets to see, touch and use the phone while having it explained to them.  Big 
 Planet's independent representatives have the training and ability to make this 
 happen," said Ed Cluss, CEO of InfoGear Technology Corporation.

     Big Planet customers who use the iPhone can expect the following
 benefits and features:

 -- Easy-to-Use: The iPhone is easy to learn and use.  Simply tapping the    
 iPhone's touchscreen gives users one-touch access to the Internet
 email without having to learn complex programs or configure software or

     -- Convenient: The compact, modern design of the iPhone, coupled with a
        slide-away keyboard and built-in monitor enable users to place the
        iPhone conveniently on a kitchen counter or desk, eliminating the need
        for a large computer table and bulky computer monitor.

     -- Affordable: The iPhone is less expensive to maintain than a computer.
        Simple in design, the iPhone has all the software and hardware
        necessary to access the Internet, eliminating the need for costly
        additions and upgrades.

     -- Fast Access: Always ready, the iPhone can log on to the Internet faster
        than most computers.  In just 30 seconds, users can be connected to the
        network and downloading e-mail, looking up an address, or checking on
        late breaking news.

     About Big Planet
     Big Planet, a Provo, Utah-based InterNetworking company, is an
 innovative provider of communications and technology products and services for 
 individuals and small businesses.  InterNetworking is the next revolution in 
 direct marketing, combining the power of one-to-one relationships with the 
 emerging global Internet opportunity to improve the way we Learn, Communicate, 
 Work, Shop and Play.

 Through Big Planet's network of Independent Representatives, the company offers 
 an array of integrated, high quality, technology products that combine new 
 levels of customer value to capture key customer connections to the home and 
 small office with services such as Internet access, dynamic web pages, 
 voice/data communications, e-commerce, education and more.  For information 
 about Big Planet and its products and services, please visit the Big Planet Web 
 site at, or call 801-345-7000.

     About InfoGear
     Founded in December 1995, InfoGear Technology Corporation is a
 privately held Silicon Valley technology company that licenses its 
 client/server architecture and hardware reference design to consumer product 
 manufacturers and Internet Service Providers.  The client side includes 
 software and hardware reference designs and a graphical user interface.  The 
 server software includes a network management package. InfoGear also partners 
 with content providers and other technology companies to provide complete 
 solutions for communications-based Internet Appliances.  InfoGear has developed 
 the iPhone, the award winning Internet screen phone, in conjunction with CIDCO 
 Incorporated, which provides manufacturing and distribution.  In addition, 
 InfoGear provides custom content solutions.  Visit InfoGear on the World Wide 
 Web at  SOURCE  Big Planet

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