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AIT Advanced announcement/IBM Canada

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IBM & AIT Corporation Announce

Strategic Relationship in Airline Industry

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Oct. 13 /CNW/ - IBM Canada Ltd., and AIT Advanced Information Technologies Corporation (AIT'') today announced their collaboration to develop self-service check-in kiosks for a major international airline. These kiosks will incorporate AIT's newest multi-function data capture device, the PAX reader.

The endorsement of our PAX reader by IBM is a significant step forward in our program to provide unique solutions to the airline industry,'' said Bernie Ashe, President and CEO of AIT. We are looking forward to a long and successful collaborative relationship.''

IBM's Customer Check-In Kiosk offers airline passengers the ability to bypass the check-in desk and obtain a boarding pass, quickly and easily. The target market is primarily the traveler that does not have luggage to check, and who can use the kiosk and proceed directly to the departure gate. The kiosk is especially useful for passengers who have selected electronic ticketing, and do not yet have a boarding pass or ticket receipt. Passengers may also verify frequent flyer information, request an earlier flight, or upgrade and select a seat assignment from a user-friendly seat map.

IBM's kiosks are already helping airlines provide improved customer service, and the trialing of AIT's PAX Reader will help to streamline the check-in process even further,'' stated Rory O'Connor - IBM, Travel & Transport Solutions.

IBM's Travel and Transportation Industry Solutions Unit provides a broad range of products, services and integrated solutions to all segments of the worldwide travel and transportation industry, including airlines, airports and global distribution systems. Specialist teams develop, market and support industry-specific solutions covering all aspects of airline and airport operations, from customer service to maintenance and from marketing to revenue management.

The PAX incorporates high resolution OCR scanning for Machine Readable Travel Documents including Passports, Visas, ID cards and ATB coupons. In addition, the PAX reads magnetic encoded data, including 3 and 4 track magnetic strips found on documents such as ATB coupons, boarding passes and credit cards. Scanned data is easily transmitted into any computer system for verification and storage, providing a secure, flexible and highly accurate solution for automatic document inspection and passenger data entry.

The PAX reader's solid state design and patented data acquisition architecture combine to optimize ease of use with operation independent of operator swiping style, speed and direction. Its superior reliability and versatility, user-friendliness, and highly compact and robust design make the PAX the natural choice for automated passenger check-in applications.

Earlier this year, British Airways purchased over 300 PAX readers for use at passenger processing operations throughout North American airports. The PAX reader is used to automate the passenger check-in process and authenticate airline tickets through the use of innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data capture technology.

Founded in 1973, AIT Corporation is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices in the USA and United Kingdom. The company is a world leader in the secure document issuance and inspection markets with an established customer base in over 75 countries. AIT's core business is in multi-function data capture devices for passenger processing and border control; and solutions for the issuance and management of secure documents. For a detailed corporate profile visit

SEDAR: 0002168

/For further information: Peter Sakkal, Product Marketing, AIT Corporation, 1545 Carling Avenue, Suite 700, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 8P9, Phone: (613) 722-2070, Facsimile: (613) 722-2063, General Inquiries: mktg(at)

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