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JamesLink Kiosk Determines if You Are at Risk

SEAL BEACH, Calif., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecotek has deployed an interactive information kiosk for the James Cancer Center in Columbus Ohio. The JamesLink kiosk was installed in September of 1998 as a part of an ongoing effort to increase cancer awareness. The key feature of the kiosk is an online questionnaire that asks specific questions pertaining to an individual's personal and family medical history.

JamesLink collects cancer risk information from the user. Risk data is then screened by professional researchers. James Cancer Hospital performs follow-up outreach for users that have a cancer risk profile. The James Cancer Center will deploy additional cancer awareness information kiosks in a variety of highly visible locations throughout the community.

The JamesLink kiosk is strategically placed so that it is easily accessible to those visiting the hospital. Its colorful graphics attract users who are typically the friends or family of patients at the Center and who have a very personal interest in cancer. ``These systems are designed to answer the questions people have about cancer and about the risks they may personally face'', says Veronica Williams, a multimedia developer who worked on the system. ``People visiting a friend or relative with cancer are naturally inclined to worry about these risks, the JamesLink kiosk has been placed in an area of the Center that makes it easy for people to seek answers to their questions.''

Ecotek is a leader in the field of information kiosks for traveler information, tourism, community affairs and other markets. Ecotek has been employed by the James Cancer Center to deploy an information kiosk that contains information on cancer. The goal is to provide information on cancer and take medical information from the kiosk user to determine if they may be at risk of contracting the disease. For more information please visit or contact Fred Thompson, Marketing Director, at 562-626-8200 or [email protected].

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