Virgin launches UK kiosk Net access

Shoppers at Virgin Megastores will be able to access the Internet once they've purchased their goods on ISDN-based kiosks in the stores. The access for the service comes, unsurprisingly, from the company's brand ISP, Virgin Net.

Customers don't pay directly for the service, but when you spend more than £10, you get a token allowing you surf for five minutes or if you spend more than £50, you get 10 minutes. "We don't really want people sat there for half an hour, getting their mail and buying online," says Lisa Francis, PR manager for Virgin Net. "It's meant to be a taster, so people can, perhaps, find something more about the music and videos they've bought." And the kiosk is very simple to use, according to Francis. "It uses a big red tracker ball and is meant to show how simple accessing the Internet is."

Once you get online, the browser will default to the Virgin Net home page and you can visit all the Virgin-branded sites as well as the whole Web. For first-timers, there's a help section at each kiosk as well as trained staff on hand. All sites viewed on the kiosk system will be screened using Net Nanny filtering software, so shoppers and their children won't have the chance to be shocked by any 'unpleasant' content.

The first two kiosks were unveiled in the Virgin Megastore at Oxford Street, London, this week. If the month-long trial is successful, Virgin Net plans set up kiosks in 40 stores nationwide.

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