GMT Provides Internet-Enabled Supply Chain Communities(TM) Using Manugistics Solutions For Collaborative Commerce

09:15 a.m. Oct 21, 1998 Eastern

LONDON, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Manugistics Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: MANU) today announced at the company's working as one '98 -- Europe supply chain forum that The Global Marketing Technology Group (GMT) will be using Manugistics' solutions for collaborative commerce. GMT will establish a supply chain community(TM), designed to enable a consortium of Irish manufacturers of leading Irish Culture Brands, fulfillment houses, service centers and a franchised network of more than 3,000 retail outlets to increase sales of Celtic products to consumers around the world. This initiative extends beyond traditional electronic commerce by supporting real-time interaction and collaboration among the full community of trading partners.

Using Manugistics NetWORKS(TM), the first comprehensive solution that enables collaborative commerce among supply chain partners via the Internet, the supply chain community will collaboratively create and maintain joint business plans. Based on shared goals, the trading partners will work together on activities such as forecasting and demand planning, inventory replenishment and transporting goods to the final consumer.

GMT has created a "Celtic Showcase" franchise to showcase Ireland through leading Irish Culture Brands supplying arts, crafts, books, music, gifts, jewelry, apparel, cultural products and services that will be marketed around the world featuring the world's most exclusive limited edition collection, The Book of Kells. In global partnerships, the franchise will provide interactive Kiosks or Smart Shops, which act as online stores for purchasing products and services, to its retail outlets such as hotels, pubs, Irish clubs and airports. The Kiosks will be linked into the Manugistics5 solution for supply chain optimization, facilitating automatic product replenishment, online ordering and real-time messaging. GMT will also use Manugistics' solutions to manage the flow of product from manufacturers through fulfillment locations to the final customer. The master Celtic Showcase is scheduled to be established in Dublin by January 1999, and GMT envisions that satellite showcases will be franchised worldwide based upon that model.

By building an Internet-enabled supply chain community, GMT plans to achieve a competitive advantage via the global sale of Celtic goods and share that advantage with participating manufacturers, culture brands and retailers on a real-time basis by giving them substantially increased visibility into a variety of supply chain plans, events and decisions. Ultimately, this can enhance the abilities of all members of the supply chain community to realize benefits, including increased sales of branded merchandise products via existing and new channels, lower inventory carrying costs and improved customer service. In addition, as the import/export of Celtic products continues to grow, companies are increasingly challenged with protecting product authenticity and maintaining the protection and control of trademarked products. A tightly linked supply chain and real-time connections to the customer, enabled by collaborative commerce technology, are the keys to addressing these challenges.

In his keynote address today at working as one '98 -- Europe, Richard O'Farrell, managing director of the Global Marketing Technology Group said, "When we first envisioned this strategy, we knew that the right technology solution would be the key to our ultimate success. We carefully crafted a vision of true partnerships with our trading partners and built a series of business processes to support that vision. We then needed a leading-edge solution that could not only meet our needs today, but also grow with us as we expand in the future. It was clear when we saw Manugistics' product and vision for collaborative commerce that it was the perfect match."

"GMT is expanding trading relationships beyond the typical 'give and take' to a collaborative approach to serving the customer, making them a true leader in implementing customer-centric supply chain optimization. By creating their supply chain community with the customer at the center and building a network of relationships and technology with benefits shared along the supply chain, they are setting the stage for success and competitive advantage through collaborative commerce," said Joseph E. Broderick, executive vice president for Manugistics.

GMT is a Dublin-based innovative marketing-technology company that over the past eight years has developed a global Consumer Service Provider model for international marketing of cities, counties and countries. It is leading a consortium of Irish Manufacturers, Service Providers and Culture Brands utilizing electronic commerce in a unique way to reach global consumers. This global franchise model for alternative international retailing -- focusing on gateways to new markets -- has been created through extensive research and development and experience with brands such as Dr. Martens (operating in over 40 countries) and Ecco Shoes of Denmark.

Headquartered in Rockville, Md., Manugistics Group, Inc. is the leading provider of solutions for customer-centric supply chain optimization and has the largest global client base of any supply chain provider. The company's solutions are used by more than 700 companies to improve the flow of product within and among companies from raw materials or parts through manufacturing to delivery of product to the end customer. Manugistics' solutions uniquely allow its clients to create and optimize their supply chains around their customers and are quick to implement, adapt easily to change, and deliver rapid results. Its clients include leading companies such as Compaq, DuPont, Harley-Davidson, Nike, Nestle, Nokia, and Wal-Mart.

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