Tomax Announces Thin Architecture for Distributed, Real-Time Retail Enterprise

05:24 p.m Oct 22, 1998 Eastern

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Tomax technologies inc. is pleased to announce a new configuration of enterprise management solutions (EMS) that allows a central processor to directly support distributed point-of-sale workstations across wide area TCP/IP networks.

This configuration is ideal for lower volume specialty store retailers that want to eliminate the cost and complexity associated with implementing and maintaining in-store processors but still require sophisticated point-of-sale and 'back office' functions. In many environments, retailers are constrained by both cost and space requirements but still require full storage software capabilities.

Based on EMS distributed architecture, individual POS workstations allow simultaneous access to both point of sale and back office functionality connected to the EMS corporate server(s) that serves as a 'virtual' in-store processor. The result is all the functionality of a full store configuration without the investment in in-store processor hardware, software, and maintenance.

"This is a great configuration for specialty retailers and retailers operating widely dispersed kiosk operations. EMS takes advantage of today's low cost and access to persistent wide area networks that allow real time update and significantly lower cost," says Virgil Fernandez, Vice President of Software Development at Tomax. - The big picture

Tomax' brand name now encompasses the company's complete enterprise product and service offerings for the retail market, extending from "@ HQ" through "@ Store" and ultimately to the consumer "@ Home." EMS (Enterprise Management Solutions). Enterprise management capabilities at headquarters, providing the ability to centrally manage the entire chain. ESS (Enterprise Store Solutions). Fully integrated in-store systems with built-in support for data sharing between headquarters and the store. EXS (Enterprise Xnet Solutions). Web-enabled "thin-client" applications that facilitate communication, collaboration and coordination throughout the enterprise.

Pricing and Availability is available immediately by contacting Tomax at 801-990-0909 or by email at [email protected]. Pricing is based on a pricing model that takes into account the type of store, the number of stores in the chain, the number of users per site, and the level of customization required for deployment.

About Tomax

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Tomax technologies inc., is a leading developer of integrated retail information systems. Product offerings include EMS/ESS, Java-enabled, Oracle based supply chain solutions for chain retailers, supporting application requirements from headquarters to the store. LifeCycle (previously known as eSTORE), a Lotus Notes/Domino intranet application for messaging, forms, policy/procedures, HR, reporting, and user defined workflow applications. ePRICING, a rules-based expert pricing system for generating automated price change recommendations. And CHAINware, an open systems enterprise application for small to medium sized chain stores, supporting merchandise and operations across headquarters, instore processing, and point of sale. For more information please visit or call 801-990-0909., LifeCycle, ePRICING and CHAINware are trademarks of Tomax technologies inc. Lotus and Lotus Notes are registered trademarks and Domino is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. All other products or services mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective companies. SOURCE Tomax technologies inc.

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