Lock, Stock and Eight Smoking Barrels

The NetShift boys once again took to the woods to enjoy the sound of crashing hard discs.
It is the time of year of the local charity Clay Pigeon Shoot, so even though each member of the team lacked at least one of the following; experience, practise or talent, the hallowed cry went out: "Break out the Winchesters".
Following a late Friday afternoon introduction to hardware (lethal types) we all arrived early on Saturday morning in the woods on the edge of Salisbury plain. Miles from the nearest house was that a Banjo playing? As the local farming types emerged from their pickups with their happy smiling faces our four heroes tried to mix in and engage in conversation on Pork Belly Futures.
The sun was shining, the birds were singing, all was happy in God's Creation and then the team started shooting. Being conservationists at heart we were happy to allow many of the Clay Pigeons to fly on to breed for another day. But our mood darkened at the idiot who designed the guns that didn't shoot straight, the moron who forgot to load any pellets in the cartridges, the cast iron clays that didn't break when it was quite obvious that we had hit them and then it started raining.
Standing shivering in the rain we started to realise that we were hitting as many as the team in front, that we were getting better and in fact, when the sun came back out and we could smell bacon cooking, it was rather a pleasant place to be after all.
Individual scores are an internal secret and unlike last year we missed out on the prizes, with eight more teams taking part we slipped four places down from the coveted twentieth place. Now we have risen to being in the top 75% what will next year bring?

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