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1) Daylight Saving Time
2) New NT Service Pack

1) Daylight Saving Time
I hope you don't mind this quick reminder about clocks going back by one hour this weekend. Kiosks left running over weekend may display the 'Windows' message to the user that the time has changed. The user may change your kiosk local time, date or time zone settings of if they ignore it and move on in a browser the message may be sat behind. We do not see any risks of the user getting to the O/S from this 'Windows' message but maybe worth you're while dealing with.

2) New NT Service Pack
The release of NT's fourth service pack follows the posting of upgrade documentation on the company's Web site last weekend. Along with the previously reported features--support for the new euro currency symbol, various Year 2000 patches, and fixes for various and sundry issues--the service pack includes about 40 components the company has completed for the next upgrade, NT 5.0, Microsoft executives said. The goal is to make it easier for users to begin implementing 5.0 technology, despite ever-slipping ship dates for the final version of the software. NT 5.0 is now expected to ship in the second half of next year.
The service pack is available for download on Microsoft's Web site.

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