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Lexitech NetKey update, October 26, 1998 -- News, usage tips and case
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***Kiosk Industry News***

KioskCom '99 will be held from April 12-14 at The Hyatt Regency in San
Francisco.  Keep an eye on the show web-site at

Also, keep your eyes on  A free pass to KioskCom '99
will be given away next month.

***Lexitech NetKey News Flash***

With continued successful beta testing, Lexitech NetKey 3.0's release is
fast approaching.  Watch
for additional information.

***Client Case Study***

Corporate Showcase - Daimler-Benz AG Chairman's Office

Web applications are premier segment of overall corporate marketing
strategy.  Daimler-Benz uses Lexitech's patented NetKey public browser
software to present corporate information right outside the Chairman's
office.  Visitors to the office have the opportunity to review the latest
announcements and product offerings of the company using an intuitive
flat-screen kiosk.

***NetKey Usage Tip***

Problem:  It would be useful to have multiple browsers on the same screen
instead of only one.

Solution:  Lexitech NetKey 3.0 will have the capability to put multiple
browsers on the same screen.  Ideal for ads, tickers, and newsreels, this
feature will be limited only by the speed of your connection and allows even
greater control over your kiosks' content.

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