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DataCard Unveils New Line of Self-service Card Issuance Kiosks at Cartes `98

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 27, 1998--The consumer-retailer relationship took a dramatic leap forward today when DataCard Corporation introduced its new line of self-service card issuance kiosks at Cartes '98 in Paris.

The company's new self-service kiosks will provide consumers with a convenient way to acquire financial cards, enroll in loyalty programs and access a variety of other card-based services offered by retailers, banks and other consumer-based enterprises.

``Consumers will be able to walk into a store or a bank, apply for a credit card, receive it and begin using it immediately,'' said Keith Clayton, vice president, self-service solutions group for DataCard's financial company. ``The same holds true for loyalty programs. Instead of filling out forms and standing in line, consumers can apply for acceptance and receive cards instantly.''

``This benefits both the consumer and the retailer or bank. Consumers enjoy new levels of convenience, privacy and choice_and they get their cards immediately,'' Clayton said. ``Retailers and banks attract new customers and give consumers instant purchasing power while they're in the store or bank.''

Clayton said a variety of large, consumer-based enterprises are working with DataCard to explore the benefits of self-service kiosks.

``Banks and retailers in Europe, South America and North America are looking for innovative ways to attract consumers and increase revenues,'' Clayton said. ``Our self-service kiosks provide them with the consumer-driven breakthrough they've been searching for.''

While DataCard plans to develop customized solutions for each retailer or bank, a typical kiosk is roughly the size of an automated teller machine (ATM). It features interactive touch-screen controls, full-motion video capabilities and a built-in card personalization system. Consumers will use the interactive controls to navigate a financial or loyalty program, complete an application and receive a ready-to-use card.

``From a consumer perspective, our kiosks are engaging, intuitive and fun to use,'' Clayton said. ``From the retailer's or bank's point of view, our kiosks are extremely secure and cost-effective. In fact, while the key benefits revolve around consumer relationships, the money an enterprise saves in card issuance alone can justify the investment it makes in a self-service strategy.''

``DataCard is exploring self-service kiosk opportunities with a number of solutions providers who serve the retail and financial markets,'' Clayton said. ``By teaming with other industry leaders, we believe we will be able to greatly expand our portfolio and bring a wide range of breakthrough solutions that enhance the consumer-retailer relationship.''

DataCard Corporation, a privately held company based in Minneapolis, Minn., provides customers around the world with fully integrated solutions for a variety of financial, identification and healthcare applications. In addition to turnkey solutions, the company offers complete lines of card personalization systems, digital photo ID systems, photo ID printers and transaction systems. (

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