Tidel Introduces Breakthrough `Chameleon,' the Internet-Savvy, Multimedia Automated Teller Machine

08:46 a.m. Nov 03, 1998 Eastern

HOUSTON, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Tidel Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATMS), the fastest-growing major U.S. manufacturer of focus-function automated teller machines, today introduced Chameleon, the next generation of automated teller machine ("ATM") technology. Chameleon is an Internet-savvy, interactive multimedia kiosk that combines the security of traditional Electronic Funds Transfer ("EFT") banking networks with the limitless e-commerce options of the Internet, thereby taking the ATM far beyond its existing boundaries. For example, an ATM user could make a cash withdrawal, and then buy airline tickets and book a hotel reservation, all while receiving high-impact advertising messages in broadcast-quality video and audio.

"With Chameleon, Tidel has redefined the state of the art in ATM technology. As the company who first introduced dial-up ATM technology to the commercial marketplace in 1992, Tidel set the standard for low-cost, high reliability ATM performance. Today, Tidel is excited to bring to the marketplace what we believe to be the most dramatic breakthrough in the history of ATMs -- The Internet-savvy Chameleon. With a direct hot link to the Internet via web-enabled screens, the Chameleon ATM will allow consumers to process a variety of convenience-based transactions never before possible at their local ATM," said Mark K. Levenick, Chief Executive Officer of Tidel's operating company.

James T. Rash, Chairman of Tidel, noted, "With its flexibility and ease of customization, Chameleon should become the platform of choice for customers who need an interactive, multimedia kiosk with banking capabilities. We are excited about our entry into the interactive kiosk market, which is growing at a rate of 35% per year and is expected to reach approximately $3 billion in sales by 2003. In addition to expanding Tidel's product offerings and core markets, Chameleon paves the way for expansion of our revenue sources, including participation in Internet-based transaction income streams."

Chameleon was first demonstrated for the industry at the NACS Show in October 1998, and will be on display throughout the year at various industry trade shows. Chameleon will be available for delivery during the quarter ending June 1999.


Full Adaptability

Like its namesake, Chameleon can change to fit into any environment. Owner/operators can configure Chameleon as a point-of-information terminal to deliver a wealth of information on specific products or services. Chameleon can also change its colors and be simultaneously configured as a point-of-sale terminal to sell airline, movie and event tickets; stamps; prepaid phone cards; and a host of goods and services directly through the Internet.

PC-Based Operating Technology

At the heart of every Chameleon is a Pentium-powered PC running Microsoft Windows NT. The flexibility of this platform is perfect for multimedia and e-commerce transactions.

Dual Network Capability

Chameleon is the first ATM with dual network capability that allows users to conduct banking transactions over the secure EFT networks and conduct e-commerce over the Internet.

Multimedia/On-Screen Advertising

Chameleon's 15" color monitor and digital stereo sound bring a whole new multimedia experience to ATM users. On-screen advertising and promotional messages utilizing action-packed video and digital audio may be used to generate additional buying interest while users are waiting for their transactions to process.

Touch-Screen Interface

Chameleon offers a user-friendly touch-screen interface which may be used to simplify complex transactions.

Multi-Item Dispenser

Owner/Operator can offer up to five different products (for example: cash, coupons, tickets, stamps, and prepaid calling cards) from a single, five- cassette Chameleon ATM. Optional sidecar designs will accommodate event and airline ticketing and other options.

Remote Management and Set Up

Chameleon allows for total remote management and state-of-health monitoring from any location using a single PC.

Modular and Upgradeable

Chameleon may be upgraded to suit different needs, including hardware upgrades, different cassette configurations, and remote software upgrades. Optional sidecar designs will allow for great flexibility and customization.

The introduction of Chameleon complements the company's newly announced Ignition series ATM product line (the IS-1000 and the IS-6000) which includes all of the features of its popular AnyCard ATM predecessors but with a modern, user-friendly design and greatly enhanced features at a comparable price.

About Tidel

Tidel Technologies, Inc. is a Texas-based manufacturer of automated teller machines and cash security equipment designed for specialty retail marketers. Tidel pioneered the dial-up ATM in 1992, and is the fastest growing major U.S. manufacturer of focus-function ATMs.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's actual experience to differ materially from that anticipated. These forward-looking statements include projections of revenue and net income; issues that may affect revenue or net income; plans for the future; and assumptions relating to the foregoing. Estimates are based on reliable information and past experience. However, operating results are affected by a wide variety of factors, many of which are beyond the control of the company. Factors include, but are not limited to, the levels of orders which are received and can be shipped in a quarter; customer order patterns and seasonality; costs of labor, raw materials, supplies and equipment; technological changes; competition and competitive pressures on pricing; and economic conditions in the United States and worldwide. Additionally, factors and risks affecting operating results include those described in the company's registration statements and periodic reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. SOURCE Tidel Technologies, Inc.

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