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Vol. 1 Issue #4                         November 1, 1998

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APPLICATIONS - Which Programs Give The Most Bang for The Buck?

Offering the Internet to the Public is a great
way to profit from the ever-growing Internet

When we talk about "Offering Internet Access",
what exactly do we mean?  It's not just a matter
of offering a phone jack to the laptop warrior.
We're talking about a PC complete with all of
the bells and whistles.

There is one sure way to produce consistent
profitable results from an Internet Vending
Machine (IVM), and that's by offering the best programs
available on the market today.

Think about it, how many vending machines do 
you see today offering soy-based oyster sticks?
When was the last time you pulled a can of seltzer
out of a soda machine?  If no one likes the
product, be it snacks or a web browser, no one
will pay money for it.

The applications running on your IVM will
play a huge part in the success of the unit.

So which applications work best?...

Well, as usual, it depends on your location
and your clientele.  Each and every location
should have the killer app of the 90s - The
All Knowing, All Powerful Web Browser.

Which Browser should you choose?  Ideally, Both.
This may not always be an option.  For certain
hacker-prone locations, you will need to offer
a "kiosk browser" - one with all of the menu options
edited so that only YOU can change the settings.

Touchscreen Browsers will offer a customized interface
with large directional buttons, and on-screen keyboards
to enter URLs.  These special browsers will come at a
cost however, disappointing considering the price 
of your standard versions ($0).  

You need to use your best judgment here.  Would you 
be extremely miffed if someone added a bookmark?
Probably not.  But you certainly wouldn't be too 
excited about someone changing the default language
to Japanese.

What's the next most desired app in the Wonderful
World of Public Internet Access? Email.

This gets a little tricky.  Can you do Email
with a browser? Yes and No.  Sending Email is
no problem.  Any emails sent from a browser
will be given the return address of the local
mail server. Not great, but useful nonetheless.
What about retrieving email? All of your web-based
Email clients (hotmail,, etc.) will
have no problems.  Many online service providers
are jumping on the web-based bandwagon to offer
at least the ability to retrieve email via a web
page.  AOL currently offers this service on AOL.COM.
Many of the Independent ISPs don't offer such a 
service, leaving the far-from-home traveler in a

The first solution to this dilemma are web based
email retrievers like READMAIL.COM.  This web page
offers a simple interface that allows the users to
log on and retrieve their email for viewing directly
on the web.  Great idea, great service.  The only
negative is that not every one knows the name of
their POP server, and most programs have a very
limited means of guessing at it (,, etc.)

The second solution is a customized email program
that performs the same functions as the web service, 
but runs locally.  Unfortunately, it is subject
to the same limitations of guessing the pop server
for those who do not know it.  It's major advantage
is the ability to send email from your true address, 
and not some generic public stamp.

For the time being, these solutions will simply
have to do.  Eventually, it is my opinion that all
email will have a web based interface and true
universal appeal.

The Browser and Email Programs are crucial to ANY
IVM in ANY location. What about the OTHER 
Internet apps?

Many choices here.  Old faithful is MIRC. Cryptic
interface, but fits like a glove for experienced 
users.  Locations with "newbies" might want to
go with Microsoft Chat.  

Used to be a great supply, but number of programs
are waning due to the huge number of sites offering
news and quotes.  There are still great shareware 
packages available, available on most download
sites.  Web access should keep you covered regardless.
Stock tickers would be great for business locations.

Office applications?  Maybe.  MS Word/Access/Powerpoint
may be in demand at business oriented locations.
It will bring up issues like printer and floppy access
so think carefully before opening the door here.

Trick or Treat.  You may as well ask this question
when opening the PC to the wonderful world of
video.  Video Email - good.....Public Video Conferencing
BAD! With a machine in public view, you need to be 
careful when using programs like Netmeeting and CU-SeeMe.
You just never know who (or what) is going to be
on screen.  It is an attraction, though, and can be 
quite profitable.  Now if the machine is in a private
booth, go for it.  Use best judgment here.

Why not?  From the stodgy business clients to the 
short attention span teens, games sell.  Steer clear
of the super duper 3D shooters.  Not only will they
bring up licensing issues, but they can tax a machine
to the point of lockup.  Not worth it.  Go with old
faithfuls - solitaire, taipei, scrabble, tetris. Light
on the CPU and light on the wallet!

In time I'm sure all of the programs mentioned in 
this issue will be integrated into the web browser.
The Browser will become the sole ingredient in the
recipe for success with all your IVMs.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to our 
next issue.

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Next Month's Issue - Advantages of Networking.
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