Juno Secures Patent for Core Internet Access Technology World's Second Largest Online Service Patents "Offline" Access Model
(Business Wire; 11/10/98)

NEW YORK (Nov. 10) BUSINESS WIRE -Nov. 10, 1998--Juno Online Services, the 
 second largest provider of dial-up Internet services in the world, announced 
 today that it has been awarded a U.S. patent that covers key components of its 
 Internet business model.

  Patent No. 5,809,242, issued on Sept. 15, 1998, grants Juno a patent on 
 certain fundamental information processing technologies used to enable Juno's 
 subscribers to read and write e-mail and interact with advertisements while 
 they are not connected to Juno's central computers ("offline"). The patent 
 covers the operation of a system which displays interactive advertisements or 
 other digital information to a remote user after that user has terminated his 
 or her Internet access connection. The advertising or other digital information 
 to be shown is downloaded to the user while he or she is connected to an 
 Internet access provider's computers and is then stored ("cached") on the 
 user's computer for later display. With the issuance of the patent, the U.S. 
 Patent and Trademark Office has granted Juno a U.S. monopoly on this invention 
 until 2016.

  Juno provides U.S. consumers with a full range of Internet services, ranging 
 from basic dial-up Internet e-mail, which it provides completely free, to full 
 Internet access. All of Juno's service levels use the patented technology.

  "Juno is dedicated to innovating in ways that improve users' experience of the 
 Internet. Our members often cite our offline model as one of the things they 
 most value," said Charles Ardai, Juno's president and one of the team of 
 inventors responsible for developing the patented technology. "Additionally, 
 the patented offline model gives Juno a substantial competitive advantage over 
 other Internet access providers who have to bear the cost of much longer user 

  "With this patent, Juno joins the ranks of major technology companies who have 
 secured patent protection for critical Internet-related applications over the 
 past year," notes Richard Buchband, Juno senior vice president and general 
 counsel. "This patent forms a key element in Juno's portfolio of intellectual 
 property, and one that we envision will grow in significance and value over 
 time. We expect companion patents to issue within the next few months, 
 including one later in November." Juno has already held discussions with a 
 number of other companies about licensing key pieces of Juno's proprietary 
 technology. About Juno Online Services, L.P.

  Launched on April 22, 1996, Juno is the world's second largest provider (after 
 America Online) of dial-up Internet services, with more than six million Juno 
 accounts created since its launch. Juno has won several industry awards for its 
 software, including a five-star rating from PC Computing Online (May 23, 1997). 
 Juno was also honored by FORTUNE (July 9, 1997) as one of the "25 Cool 
 Technology Companies of 1997." Juno was organized and financed by D. E. Shaw & 
 Co., L.P.--a global investment bank whose activities center on various aspects 
 of the intersection between technology and finance--and its affiliates.

  More than 150 advertisers have purchased advertising on Juno since the 
 service's launch, including such major firms as Allstate, American Express, 
 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Citicorp, Chrysler, Delta Airlines, the Ford Motor 
 Company, IBM, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Travelers 
 Group. Additionally, Juno has recently announced a number of major strategic 
 marketing alliances, including exclusive multi-year relationships with Bank of 
 America (involving the marketing of credit cards and related services) and 
 Qwest/LCI (for the marketing of long distance and other telecommunications 
 services).  An abstract of Juno's patent (No. 5,809,242) may be found at  Juno's software may be downloaded over the Internet 
 from its Web site at

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