IVI Checkmate Announces Appointment of Intouch Technology USA, Inc. as a Reseller of the eN-Touch 1000 Interactive Guest Terminal (Business Wire; 11/10/98)

Leading ski resort solution provider will package     IVI Checkmate's 
 touch technology as part of automated

     resort management and enhanced guest services system.

  IVI Checkmate Corp. (Nasdaq: CMIV) (TSE: IVC/IVI) today announced an agreement 
 with privately owned, California-based Intouch Technology USA, Inc.

  Intouch will integrate IVI Checkmate's eN-Touch 1000 touch screen and 
 signature capture terminal and the eN-Scribe family of thermal printers into 
 Intouch's popular ski resort and ice rink management software solutions. 
 Intouch is the leading worldwide supplier of software solutions for the ski and 
 ice resort industry. Since developing the Windows-based SkiPass(tm) systems in 
 Australia in the early 1990's, Intouch Technology has expanded worldwide. 
 Intouch Technology USA, Inc. is based in Santa Barbara and serves some of the 
 largest ski resort and ice rink management groups in the US.

  By integrating IVI Checkmate's eN-Touch 1000 large screen display and 
 electronic signature capture terminal with their existing PC-based touch screen 
 reservations, ticketing, touch POS, and resort management systems, Intouch 
 Technology will offer their customers the ability to enhance guest intimacy at 
 all points of transaction.

  Intouch Technology's President and Chief Executive Officer, Klaas Sybranda, 
 states: "In addition to accelerating the check-in and ticketing processes, the 
 ski industry is adding convenience by increasing the acceptance of credit and 
 debit cards anywhere on the resort. With credit risks come the need for 
 capturing signatures electronically. By processing registration cards, ski 
 passes, restaurant, bar, service receipts and folios electronically, properties 
 improve productivity and service while reducing back office labor. With more 
 convenience and faster end-of-day close outs, they save on existing operating 
 costs while avoiding costly investments in electronic imaging equipment. IVI 
 Checkmate's eN-Touch 1000 provides this capability together with credit and 
 debit card processing as well as large screen display of guest messages."

  Gregory A. Lewis, President and Chief Executive Officer of IVI Checkmate's 
 U.S. Operations, states, "We are pleased to work with Intouch Technology USA to 
 provide superior property management solutions to the ski and ice arena 
 markets. Intouch Technology applications provide outstanding usability through 
 ICON user prompts that are extremely easy-to-use. The eN-Touch 1000's finger 
 touch screen and signature capture provides the enabling technology needed to 
 provide truly simple and intuitive customer activated point-of-service." Lewis 
 adds, "Customer intimacy is one of the critical drivers of guest related 
 systems. The eN- Touch 1000 provides the customer interface and flexibility 
 that will help Intouch Technology maintain and build upon their leadership in 
 the ski and ice arena markets."

  International Verifact Inc. of Toronto, Canada, and Checkmate Electronics, 
 Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, merged to form IVI Checkmate Corp., the third largest 
 electronic payment solutions provider in North America. IVI Checkmate is a full-
 service solutions provider in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. IVI 
 Checkmate serves the retail, financial, hospitality, banking, healthcare and 
 transportation industries. With offices in the U.S. and Canada as well as 
 established strategic alliances and worldwide partnerships, IVI Checkmate is 
 well positioned to deliver leading products and global technologies to our 
 customers. Intouch Technology USA, Inc., is the US-based subsidiary of Intouch 
 Technology Australia (Pty) Ltd. The US development and support team is based in 
 Santa Barbara, California. Intouch Technology bases the design of its products 
 on an `open architecture' TCP/IP LAN platform. SkiPass is both Windows 95 and 
 NT compatible. Modules include: Transaction Engine, Administration and Sales 
 Analysis, Remote Site Connectivity, Resort Bookings, Scheduling and 
 Administration, ClubCard and Guest Card processing, Ticket processing, 
 inventory and management, guest management and POS systems. Intouch 
 Technology's home page can be reached on the World Wide Web at www.intouch-  NOTE TO EDITORS: This press release contains forward-looking 
 statements subject to the safe harbor created by the Private Securities 
 Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Management cautions that these statements 
 represent projections and estimates of future performance and involve certain 
 risks and uncertainties. The Company's actual results could differ materially 
 from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of 
 certain factors including, without limitation, the Company's dependence on its 
 limited suppliers and manufacturers of component parts of its products; rapid 
 and significant technological developments that could delay the introduction of 
 improvements in existing products or of new products; the Company's dependence 
 on its proprietary technologies (which may be independently developed by 
 competitors); the Company's dependence on a small number of large customers as 
 well as the volume and timing of bookings received during a quarter and 
 variations in sales mix; competition from existing companies as well as new 
 market entrants; and, the Company's dependence on key personnel.

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