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***Kiosk Industry News***

At Comdex next week, visit Microsoft's booth to see Lexitech NetKey and
Lexitech NetKey Enterprise Event Services in action.

Also, keep your eyes on  A free pass to KioskCom '99
will be given away next month.

***Lexitech NetKey News Flash***

With continued successful beta testing, Lexitech NetKey 3.0's release is
fast approaching.  Watch for additional
information.  Preliminary release date is early December.

***Client Case Study***

Trade Show Booth Application - NASA Johnson Space Center

How do you capitalize on your existing site to create an economical trade
show display?  How do you significantly reduce the man-time required for
exhibit preparation?  How do you enhance lead generation at your trade show

For the Inspection '98 show in October, NASA used Microtouch Prospector 4.0,
a licensed version of Lexitech's patented NetKey software, and a touchscreen
to display NASA's relevant web information to attendees.  The ability to use
existing information makes trade shows easy and economical.

Additionally, Lexitech's Event Services can help automated your lead
collection at these shows.  Lexitech has developed a system allowing users
to manually enter lead information or to swipe their registration cards to
input the data.  Lexitech NetKey Event Service system then tracks users
through your web application, giving you better qualified leads.

***NetKey Usage Tip***

Problem:  I want to play a video in a different browser and then
automatically return to the main menu.

Solution:  Suppose you need to display a video segment and you want it in a
specifically sized browser (or in a browser with no navigation controls so
the video needs to be viewed).  How can you play it and, after it ends, then
return to the regular browser.

1. Create a browser that will be used for video only.
2. Create HTML with the following code to play your movie.  This code also
bounces you back following the movie play.

object ID="ActiveMovie1" WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480"
  param name="_ExtentX" value="100"
  param name="_ExtentY" value="100"
  param name="EnableContextMenu" value="0"
  param name="ShowDisplay" value="0"
  param name="ShowControls" value="0"
  param name="EnablePositionControls" value="0"
  param name="EnableSelectionControls" value="0"
  param name="ShowTracker" value="0"
  param name="EnableTracker" value="0"
  param name="AutoStart" value="-1"
  param name="AutoRewind" value="0"
  param name="Appearance" value="0"
  param name="BorderStyle" value="0"
  param name="FileName" value="file://c:\*.avi"
script language=vbscript
sub ActiveMovie1_StateChange(o,s)
        if ActiveMovie1.currentState = 0 then location = "mainmenu.html"
end sub

3. Set your automatic screen switching to bring up your movie browser when
the HTML created in number 2 above is visited.
4. Create the buttons on your home page to call up the video html when
selected.  For multiple videos, you can create video1.html,

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