Disney and Kodak Put You In The Movies With Fun-Filled Digital Photos

08:01 a.m. Nov 18, 1998 Eastern

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 18, 1998--Kodak and Disney are teaming up to give fans the chance to take souvenir pictures of themselves in scenes with classic Disney characters and upcoming Disney films. The two companies have entered an agreement to feature Disney animated characters and live-action movie scenes in Kodak Sticker Prints Kiosks and Kodak Fantasy Theaters. The kiosks and fantasy theaters are located throughout the country at nearly 1,000 movie theaters, retail stores, theme parks and other tourist attractions.

"Disney characters have tremendous appeal for people of all ages," says Mike Kent, worldwide general manager, Kodak's Themed Entertainment. "We believe these new digital photo services will give movie theaters and other leisure-based entertainment locations a popular new attraction. Movie fans young and old will now be able to interact with their favorite films and see themselves in fun-filled photos and photo stickers."

Kent unveiled the news here today at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) conference. He says that the excitement is already building for A Bug's Life and Mighty Joe Young which Walt Disney Studios will release this year.

"Combining Kodak's rich heritage in the movie industry with Disney's lovable films and characters is a natural," Kent says. "It also provides a unique benefit for everyone involved. Disney's high-quality entertainment will delight people in a new and innovative way. Theaters are able to provide a new form of movie-related entertainment, and consumers get fun-filled photos that bring their favorite entertainment experiences to life."

"This is a new and exciting way for people to experience Disney movies and their lovable characters," says Guillaume Liron, director of Disney licensing. "It's all about experience. Kids want to interact with their animated friends from the most recent release to the classic favorites. These digital photos allow them to do just that--create a personal experience."

The magic of the Kodak digital technology is similar to that used to create special effects in the movies. Consumers can appear to be standing on a leaf with Flik, the lead character in the upcoming A Bug's Life. Kids can also have their face on a sticker with their favorite Disney character whether it be Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, Mulan or next year's new release My Favorite Martian.

Kodak has developed a number of digital photo products for its Entertainment Imaging Division. The Kodak Sticker Prints Kiosks are self-serve photo kiosks that allow customers to have their photo taken with one of 36 possible backgrounds. In about 30 seconds, a sheet of 16 postage stamp-size photo stickers appears. The Kodak Fantasy Theater is a self-contained digital studio using green-screen technology that allows consumers to put themselves into movie scenes or be photographed with one of their favorite characters. It produces digitally composited pictures just like movie special effects, ranging from wallet-size, 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 prints to posters.

"Disney movies and characters appeal to the kid in all of us no matter what our age," Kent says. "That's how we think of these new Kodak digital photos. Kids, teenagers and adults can enjoy putting themselves into the movies."

Themed Entertainment is part of the Kodak Entertainment Imaging Division. For more information on Kodak's Themed Entertainment products, call 1-888-265-6981. (Kodak is a trademark.)

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