United Shipping and  Technology Wins Contract                 
                        (Business Wire; 11/19/98)                       

  MINNEAPOLIS (Nov. 19) BUSINESS WIRE -Nov. 19, 1998--U-Ship, Inc. (Nasdaq 
 USHP), now doing business as United Shipping and Technology, announced that its 
 technology division, the Intelligent Kiosk Company (IQK) has won an RFP 
 contract from one of the world's largest shippers.

 This is the first time the customer has tested an automated self- service 
 shipping system, and during the initial months, IQK will continue to custom 
 develop the units' software and hardware according to the customer's 

 The highly intelligent, fully automated kiosk systems, the Performance ET 400 
 series, will be tested in a regional hub for up to six months. The interactive 
 system is compact, about the size of a standard copier. It has a touch screen, 
 can speak three languages and can accept credit cards, cash or account numbers. 
  The consumer transaction takes a mere three minutes, and is more accurate than 
 a typical shipping counter.

 Advancements in the hardware and software industry have provided for a greater 
 level of intelligence management, leading the way for the ET 400 series to 
 replace IQK's l996 technology, the 1400 series. United Shipping and Technology 
 has spent approximately 13 million dollars in the development and testing of 
 this technology and owns nine patents supporting automated shipping kiosks.

 Tim Becker, President of the Intelligent Kiosk Company is optimistic that a 
 successful test will lead to expanded sales to this customer. "The company has 
 developed an outstanding shipping system, the world's only self-service, 
 automated shipping kiosk,"  he said. "The design is user-friendly, similar in 
 operation to an ATM touch screen, so it is ultimately convenient."

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 CONTACT: Tim Becker          President, The Intelligent Kiosk Company

          612 941-4080 x144                    or

          Peter Lytle          Chairman and CEO, United Shipping and Technology

          612 941-4080 x113                    or

          Joan Knight          Knight Public Relations

          612 593-1508

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