Newsbits Secures U.S. Patent for CustomDisc Kiosk

09:01 a.m. Nov 24, 1998 Eastern

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 24, 1998--

Fully-Automated, Computer-based System

Enables Consumers to Create Customized CDs Directly in Stores, the leader in offering the ability to create custom music CD's through the Web, today announced it has secured the exclusive license rights to U.S. patent No. 5,633,839 from Intrepid Enterprises, a specialized intellectual property marketing firm, for a music vending machine capable of recording a customer's music selections onto a compact disc.'s completely automated and patented CustomDisc(TM) kiosk enables the company to extend its business beyond the Internet by allowing any brick-and-mortar retailer to offer customers in-store custom CDs. By selecting individual tracks and other custom options using the computerized kiosk, customers can create and purchase a customized CD in a matter of minutes.

To date, has licensed more than 185,000 tracks from more than 115 record labels, including 4,000 Billboard Top 100 hits. The company offers several musical genres including alternative, blues, childrens, classical, country, dance, folk, jazz, pop/rock, reggae, & world music. Each CustomDisc holds up to 70 minutes of music and can be personalized by users with their own choice of artwork, album title, unique gift-giving messages and gift wrap.

"This patented kiosk system enables to build on its Web-based business by marketing CustomDiscs in traditional music retail outlets," said David Gould, chairman and CEO of Custom Revolutions, Inc., the company behind "The ability to deliver a truly personalized product to music lovers will provide a unique edge to brick and mortar music retailers." How the Patented CustomDisc Kiosk Works

A removable hard drive in the kiosk contains a library of digitally stored musical selections. The customer uses a keyboard to select the individual tracks he or she wants, and this information is fed into the kiosk's microprocessor. A monitor in the kiosk displays the list of available musical selections as well as the list of the customer's selections. Once the customer has selected all the tracks he wants and filled up the CD, he or she submits his credit card, which is read by the kiosk's card reader, whereupon payment information is also sent to the microprocessor. A CD writer and dispenser is controlled by the microprocessor to retrieve a blank compact disc from a CD storage, record the customer's musical selections onto the compact disc, and dispense the custom disc in less than five minutes.

Instead of using compression techniques that result in inferior sound quality, uses an exact, one-to-one digital transfer of the original master recording to produce the same Red Book Audio compact disc consumers find in stores. The company also has established the only completely automated and scalable custom compact disc manufacturing operation in the world to ensure that each CustomDisc is manufactured and shipped on the same day that the order is placed. About Custom Revolutions, Inc.

Based in Stamford, Connecticut and founded in 1996, Custom Revolutions Inc. is a privately-held company specializing in the creation of custom digital products for consumers and businesses. The company's flagship product is CustomDisc(TM), a turnkey marketing, manufacturing and distribution service that employs the Internet to let consumers compile and purchase unique audio compact discs from music selections that record labels license to the company. More information on Custom Revolutions Inc. can be found on its Web site located at

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