United Airlines Automates In-Flight Shopping With Mobile Handhelds   Based On  
 PenRight!; PenRight! Powered Handhelds Provide ''Mobile Cash   Registers'' for 
                            In-Flight Catalog Shopping                           
                        (Business Wire; 11/30/98)                       

 FREMONT, CALIF. (Nov. 30) BUSINESS WIRE -Nov. 30, 1998--PenRight! Corporation, 
 the leading manufacturer of pen-based operating environments and application 
 development tools, announced today that World Duty Free Inflight, the premiere 
 provider of international in-flight shopping solutions, has completed a 
 worldwide rollout of 800 pen-based handheld terminals to automate in-flight 
 duty free shopping for United Airlines passengers.

 The pen-based, Point-of-Sale (POS) solution utilizes a custom software 
 application created by World Duty Free Inflight, using PenRight! for Windows, 
 PenRight!'s cross platform rapid application development (RAD) tool, and runs 
 on the IDFS500 handheld terminal manufactured by 4P Mobile Data Processing for 
 World Duty Free Inflight.

 The software solution is designed to not only automate the Point of Sale 
 transaction but the entire backend warehouse inventory management system. The 
 lightweight, compact, IDFS500 is an all-in-one handheld terminal featuring a 
 pen-input display, integrated bar code laser scanner, magnetic/smart card 
 reader and thermal printer.

 "We looked at all the major development tool vendors in the mobile market and 
 PenRight! is the clear leader in this field. PenRight!'s rapid application 
 development environment with built-in, pen-based/touch screen functionality, 
 saved us significant time to market," said, Chris Pangiotopoulos, World Duty 
 Free Inflight's vice president, Inflight MIS Services.

 "The key to our decision to standardize on PenRight! was the flexibility it 
 provided when developing our complex POS application for in-flight duty free 
 sales," added Pangiotopoulos.

 Flight attendants equipped with the PenRight! based handheld terminals can now 
 automatically process thousands of in-flight Point of Sale transactions by 
 credit card, cash, coupon or voucher, from items selected from the duty free in-
 flight gift catalog.

 At the passenger's seat, the flight attendant selects the desired products from 
 the IDFS500's LCD display and scans the product's corresponding bar code. 
 Payment is then collected and stored on the handheld's internal RAM memory card 
 and an itemized receipt is then printed from the units internal thermal printer 
 and handed back to the customer. The complete transaction is now done in a 
 fraction of the time it took to process orders with older, text based handheld 

 About PenRight! Corporation

 PenRight! Corporation, based in Fremont, designs and markets both the PenRight! 
 operating environment and PenRight! application development tools. PenRight! is 
 a graphical user interface and handwriting recognition environment tuned for 
 mobile data collection applications.

 The PenRight! rapid application development environment includes object 
 oriented design tools, integrated API, database, and data communication 
 libraries. PenRight! is currently available on the leading pen-based computers. 
 PenRight! can be reached at 510/249-6900 or visit PenRight!'s Web site at

 About World Duty Free Inflight

 World Duty Free Inflight is the largest inflight duty free concession operator 
 in the airline industry, servicing over 26 airlines. WDFI has the largest 
 handheld computer POS base in the inflight duty free industry managing 55 plus 
 operating locations worldwide, including the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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