KING Products partners with Nippon Telegraph & Telecom Corporation, the world's largest telecom company (Canada Newswire; 11/24/98)

TORONTO, Nov. 24 /CNW/ - King Products Inc. announced today  that it has 
 signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a joint  marketing alliance with NTT's 
 Business Communications Group, based  in Tokyo, Japan. 

    Under this marketing agreement, NTT plans to introduce and  market in Japan, 
 KING solutions for public access to Internet  Services, E-Commerce and 
 Multimedia Telephony. KING and NTT bring  complementary strengths to the new 
 partnership. NTT, a $71billion  telecom giant, is primarily engaged in the 
 provision of nationwide  telecommunication services in Japan, including long 
 distance,  local, mobile wireless and new emerging multimedia services.

    KING is a world leader in multimedia computer telephone  integration (CTI) 
 to provide public access to web-based services  such as e-mail, video 
 conferencing and retail, financial and  government services in public spaces. 
 KING has sold more than 2,000  Public Multimedia Internet systems, worldwide. 

    "Powerful social, economic and technological trends in Japan  are driving 
 demand growth for diverse communication services,  including interactive 
 multimedia services from Internet enabled  phones and kiosks," said Anthony E. 
 Siregar, KING Vice President,  International Business Development. NTT and KING 
 will jointly  pursue new business opportunities targetted at public access to 
 web  browsing, Internet telephone and e-commerce in Japan and abroad. 

    NTT's vision for global expansion include market entry into  other Asian 
 nations, Europe and the USA. 

    KING Products Inc. is an advanced technology innovation and  integration 
 company. The company designs, manufactures and markets  web based 
 computer/telephony integrated products for public access  to Internet. The user 
 interface incorporates interactive touch  screen that provides the public with 
 access to a wide range of  commercial transactions and communication 
 capabilities. The  products can be networked and are typically located in such 
 public  spaces as airports, hotels, malls and office buildings. 

    KING is based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in New York and  Kansas City. 
 The company is traded on the Canadian Dealing Network  under the symbol "KINK."

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