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- Nationwide and NCR announce results of iris recognition trial -


SWINDON, England - The world’s first public trial of iris recognition, by Nationwide Building Society and NCR Corporation, has been voted a clear winner by customers using the system.

For the past six months, over 1,000 participants in the trial at Nationwide’s Swindon branch have said goodbye to PIN numbers and signatures. Instead, using an iris recognition system supplied by Sensar Inc., special cameras at the cash machine and counter positions recognise a customer’s unique iris pattern, giving access to their account in "the blink of an eye".

An in-depth survey amongst customers using the new system revealed:

· 91% would choose iris identification in future above either Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) or signatures

· 94% would recommend iris identification to friends and family

· 94% were either comfortable or very comfortable using the new system

The research, conducted by Pegram Walters Group, also found close to 100 per cent approval on three areas of crucial importance to consumers - reliability, security and acceptability. In each case, iris identification was considered preferable to the traditional methods of identification - PIN and signature*.

When asked how the service could be improved, the number one response was to "make it more widely available".

Brian Davis, Nationwide’s Chief Executive said, "We have led the way with the world’s first trial of iris recognition technology in a financial services environment. Clearly, our customers have been impressed by what they’ve seen.

"Before extending this service to more of our 680 branches, we must be sure it is commercially viable to do so. As more organisations throughout the world recognise the benefits of iris recognition the costs will fall and I hope we will be in a position to proceed when the time and price is right."

"The results underline our belief that iris identification is going to play a major role in self service and branch banking," said Per-Olof Loof, senior vice president of NCR’s Financial Solutions Group. "The consumer drive for ease-of use, convenience and security make the system a winner. We’re determined to bring these benefits to a wider market and we expect full product roll-out of iris recognition ATMs to begin next year."

"Nationwide’s customers have clearly validated iris identification as the most convenient, foolproof, easy-to-use form of personal electronic identification available today," said Tom Drury, Jr., President and CEO of Sensar. "Sensar is working closely with NCR and Nationwide to usher in a new era of financial customer service."

Notes to Editors

Photography is available from Eye Catchers on 0171 689 2111

* 100 per cent thought that the system was either reliable or very reliable

99 per cent thought that the system was either secure or very secure

98 per cent thought that the system was either acceptable or very acceptable

The pilot ATM, developed by NCR, incorporates an iris identification system supplied by Sensar Inc. of Princeton, N.J. The system uses iris recognition software written by Dr. John Daugman of Cambridge University, the inventor of iris recognition.

Using the NCR ATM, the customer simply puts in their ATM card and a camera mounted in the machine photographs the coloured portion of the eye, the iris. If the iris staring back matches the record on the databank, the ATM will allow instant access to your bank account without the need for a PIN number. The entire process can take as little as two seconds, and presents no danger to the customer's eye.

The recording process is a one off procedure, because unlike other measurable features in the face, hand, voice or fingerprint, the patterns in the human iris do not change as ageing occurs. With 266 identification characteristics, the iris is the human body’s most unique physical structure. Every person on the planet - including identical twins - have different irises. Even a person’s own left and right iris are completely different.



About Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide is the world's largest building society. Nationwide has mutual (as opposed to Public Limited Company) status which means that it is owned by its members and run for their benefit. By having customer, not shareholder satisfaction, as its long-term goal, Nationwide is able to operate on narrower margins and reduced planned profit in order to give customers long-term benefits, demonstrating the extra value that a building society can deliver. With more than seven million savers and more than one million borrowers, it is estimated that around one in four households in the UK have a financial relationship with Nationwide. More information about Nationwide and its products may be found on the Internet at

About NCR Corporation

NCR supplies banks and other financial institutions with Banking Solutions in the Age of the Consumer - solutions that are tailored to our customers' individual needs so that they can offer the best services to their consumers. These solutions cover the areas of self-service, payment, channel delivery and customer management.

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is in the business of transforming transactions into relationships. NCR is a recognised world leader in data warehousing solutions, ATMs, point-of-sale, self-scanning devices and support services for retail, financial and national accounts markets. NCR’s business solutions are built on the foundation of the company’s long-established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding software, global customer support services, a complete line of consumable and media products, and world-leading hardware technology. More information about NCR and its products may be found on the Internet at

About Sensar, Inc.

Sensar, Inc. was founded as the first commercial spin-off of the Sarnoff Corporation in Princeton, NJ, an internationally acclaimed research and development facility. IriScan of Marlton, NJ, USA holds the exclusive world-wide patents on the iris recognition concept originated by Drs.Leonard Flom and Aran Safir and the software and process technology invented by Dr. John Daugman, Cambridge University, England. Sensar uses, under license, the iris recognition process developed and owned exclusively by IriScan. IRISCAN is a trademark of IriScan, Inc., of Marlton, NJ, and is used by Sensar, Inc. under license from IriScan, Inc. For more information, please visit



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